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As convenient as the internet can be, if you really want to get something out of it, a lot of the work is up to you. Instead of searching, you can listen with a TuneIn Premium package. The service’s extensive radio network brings you music, news, sports and more. And it’s on sale for just $39.99 (usually $119).

Listen to news, sports, music and podcasts

There’s music you might like, but you have to find it. There’s news you might need, but it’s often lost in chatter or behind paywalls. And there are all sorts of sports you’d love to follow, but even for those, it’s often hard to find good streams.

TuneIn gives you easy access to it all in the form of 120,000 streaming radio stations. With so much access to breaking news, sports, curated music, and podcasts, you’ll always have something to listen to.

TuneIn is halfway between simple retro radio and modern curated content. You can listen to the news, but you can also choose from your favorite sources such as CNN, Fox, MSNBC and local channels. You can enjoy instant game notifications and analytics. And you can listen to a podcast breaking down the game once it’s done.

Also, if you come across one of the few radio stations that TuneIn can’t stream, the service will hook you up with something similar. As one reviewer wrote, “TuneIn will automatically find you and connect you to a similar station, which is often just as good.”

Listen to music from around the world

For music, TuneIn is the complete experience. Tune in to AM/FM stations around the world and listen to music you’ll love without having to create your own playlists.

And you can listen on all kinds of devices. Old-school radios have a certain charm, but being able to listen game-by-game from your Chromecast has that modern convenience we all love. You can get a TuneIn app for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, CarPlay, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Bose, Roli, and even your Tesla. (Here is a complete list of devices supported by TuneIn.)

Save on TuneIn Premium

Listen to the world with a radio app that’s making waves. Get a one-year subscription to TuneIn Premium for just $39.99 (usually $119) for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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