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Platinum recording artist Lecrae has teamed up with Christian app Pray.com and says difficult times remind believers how important prayer is in life.

The Reach Records founder is a new brand ambassador for the Pray.com app which gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when most places of worship were forced to close.

Launched in 2017 to help people stay in touch with their faith, Pray.com is described as the world’s #1 app for Christians. Those behind the app are “doing impactful work,” Lecrae told the Christian Post in a recent interview.

“They really take their time and energy to make sure the resources are good,” he said. “We have similar visions; they want to do good in this world. There are stories being told. I did one called ‘Hope in a Dark World’. .’ It’s a bible bedtime story, so I’m going to read you to sleep. [there are] just a ton of different things along those lines that help parents and families share lessons with their kids about faith in tough times.

Lecrae revealed that during the pandemic he was forced to pressure his own faith.

“Not being able to be at our local church put a lot of work on me to really figure out how we’re going to develop our children because our church wasn’t doing live streaming of youth services at the time. I really had to do get creative and step up,” the father-of-three added. “I learned a lot about communicating with these kids and helping them figure things out.

“Prayer is everything,” he said. “I strongly believe that God is near to the brokenhearted. So when you go through hard times, God is near. I have a small model of the temple that existed in Israel. And I have [it] because it is a reminder that it is how seriously believers in God took their faith that they would build this temple, and they believed that His presence was felt in this temple.

“For me now, knowing that I am the temple and that the Spirit of God lives in me, I can access God at any time. It’s a huge thing,” added Lecrae. “It was huge for me. To be able to do that is huge. So prayer is super important.

Reaching over 10 million people worldwide, the New York Times bestselling author says the app is for everyone, regardless of your faith or opinions. In addition to daily prayers and a free radio stream, the app offers content that listeners can subscribe to for $7.99 per month and includes content from pastors, podcasts and bedtime Bible stories.

“This is an opportunity for you to pray, this is an opportunity for you to speak [to God], because some people don’t even know where to start,” Lecrae told CP. “I love the verse that says the Spirit intercedes for us because sometimes we don’t even know where to start. This app is a great opportunity to simply say, “Hey, let’s pray with you.” Let’s pray for you. Let us give you some food for thought.

Lecrae said the app also aims to get people into the discipline of prayer: “Some people just don’t have that muscle, and so it’s a helpful way to start that.”

Amid the pandemic and chaos of this time, Lecrae said he and his wife, Darragh, prayed for guidance on how to lead and encourage their children.

“It’s crazy because our kids are…Zoom to school, they can’t go out for a season…they’re dealing with racial issues. So for me, I thought it was really important to get them keep up to date; it’s important for them to understand what’s going on,” the Grammy winner said. “Typically, my kids wouldn’t watch the news with me or watch all these different shows. But now we just have to because they need to understand what’s going on as much as I do.

“We had a lot of good and strong discussions,” he added. appeared at this time.

Lecrae and his Reach Records team are now on the road for their We Are Ashamed tour. But before the tour began, the label parted ways with artist Gawvi after he was accused of sending unsolicited and explicit photos to women while he was married.

Lecrae said he and his team have remained close amid this unforeseen scandal, and he prays that Gawvi and everyone involved will find “restoration” in God.

“We are constantly praying for him and for everyone involved in what happened,” Lecrae said. “I believe that no one is too far from God to find restoration, so it is our prayer, that everyone in this circumstance will be restored.

“It feels good to be on the road because we’re together. We’re together and we encourage each other every day,” he said. “Young artists are growing up, hanging out with veterans and learning so much. It’s exciting because it’s just about seeing who we eventually pass the torch to, the next generation of artists, so that’s really exciting.

In addition to being on tour, Lecrae is working on his next musical release, Church vestments 4 and write two books.

“I’ve been working. I’m working on another book that I’ve finished and it’s expressive reflections on different things, and then I’m working on another.”

Lecrae concluded his interview by reflecting on the blessings of all his successes.

“I’m grateful, every minute is a blessing to be able to be a voice in this way and I don’t want to take a single minute for granted,” the “Blessings” singer concluded. “I try to celebrate more. I don’t celebrate enough, and so I just try to be like, ‘Man, God, thank you for these little milestones and I’m grateful for that.

Jeannie Ortega Law is a reporter for The Christian Post. Contact her at: [email protected] She is also the author of the book, What’s happening to me? How to defeat your invisible enemy Follow her on Twitter: @jlawcp Facebook: JeannieOMusic

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