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Memphis, Tennessee, Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

MEMPHIS, TN – A unique Black Radio mobile application, Play Ode, is now available in the App Store, Google Play or on Listeners and fans of Hip Hop/R&B, Gospel, Classic R&B, Smooth Jazz and Talk radio can listen anywhere in the world, in high definition sound, on the new Play Ode app.

The launch of Ode follows widespread publicity from an editorial titled, Diversification of U.S. media ownership must become a national priority written by Jim Winston, President and CEO of NABOB (National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters) and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr., President and CEO of NNPA (National Newspaper Publishers Association).

They succinctly stated that “more needs to be done to increase and strengthen ownership of media companies by African Americans and other minorities.” Ode Audio Founder and CEO, Howard Robertson, Jr., an advertising/marketing professional and entrepreneur for nearly 50 years, said, “Not only is Ode 100% black owned, but we also responded by becoming a digital bridge for dozens of other black people. owned media and content providers.

Ode, acronym for Oyou Ddigital entertainment, is the first app to bundle and exclusively stream some of America’s best black, urban and indie radio stations and black-appeal podcasts, all presented and easily accessible on the same mobile app. Go to App Store or Google Play and type Play Ode on the search line for free download.

Ode Audio is a tribute to black culture and entertainment. With the slogan, Listen to us here, Ode is this unique and central place where people from all over the world can listen to excellent black radio every day. “The black radio which is preparing to commemorate its 75e anniversary, has always been central and vital to the African-American experience,” Robertson says. “It is this source of information, entertainment and inspiration that we, as black people, will never be able to not need.”

The idea for Ode came to Robertson in 2018, while attending a NABOB radio conference. After hearing a presentation on soaring radio and podcast listening trends among African Americans on digital platforms, he became concerned about the digital opportunities available to NABOB member radio stations.

“I didn’t want black media to be on the wrong side of the digital divide while others continued to take advantage and profit from it to the detriment of our communities and our culture,” Robertson said. The Ode concept was born hours later with input from friend and fellow Memphis-based entrepreneur Larry Robinson, CEO and founder of digital content company Kudzukian. Robertson and Robinson are also co-hosts and producers of R&R on sports and Riffin’ on jazztwo popular podcasts also available on the Ode Audio app.

Ode Audio evolved from a strong coalition of African American media entities including: NABOB, Kudzukian, Reset Digital, Lowekey Media and Kizart Media Partners. “We’re thrilled that a NABOB Forum sparked the creation of this great Ode Audio app,” said Jim Winston, President of NABOB.

Ode Audio has also partnered with iHeartMedia, America’s #1 audio company and BIN: Black Information Network, a national 24/7 audio news service dedicated to non-stop news coverage with voice and a dark perspective. On Play Ode, iHeartMedia also offers a variety of popular podcasts.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring our authentic and unique programming to Ode,” said Tony Coles, President of BIN: Black Information Network. “BIN’s goal is to be the most trusted 24/7 source of information for the Black community. We believe in being wherever our listeners are and we’re proud to be a part of the Ode platform.

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