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Created: May 11, 2022 07:44

A new app lets people explore the island’s maritime history (Photograph provided)

A new app will take users on a guided tour of the island’s boating heritage as Bermuda prepares for the SailGP international boat race.

Race organizers have teamed up with the Bermuda Tourism Authority for May as Heritage Month, with races scheduled for this weekend.

The Seafarers Tour, guided by a smartphone app, is part of the Cedar and Sail program highlighting Bermuda’s long sailing history, leading to innovations such as the Bermuda Rig and Bermuda Sloop.

It will take participants on a tour of historic sites across the island, with guests choosing an eastbound or westbound route.

Departing from the BTA’s Hamilton Visitor Service Center on Front Street, the tour heads to some of the island’s premier sailing clubs.

It includes the story of piloting legend James “Jemmy” Darrell, a slave who won his freedom after a nautical feat in 1795.

Lookouts and other landmarks are featured on the westbound tour of Dockyard.

Family sailing stories passed down over the years can be submitted to the project at

SailGP youth program manager Tom Herbert-Evans said Bermuda “has got to be one of the best sailing venues for SailGP”.

“Looking deeper into the maritime history of the island, it is evident the amount of knowledge and influence that has impacted the design of most modern racing yachts, including our F50s.”

Charles H. Jeffers II, BTA General Manager, said, “SailGP is a top sporting event for the island, even beyond spectacular sailing.

“Their support of our Cedar and Sail initiative shows the power of partnership and the impact tourism initiatives have on our community.”

Mark Clarke, maritime consultant and local SailGP Steering Committee member, said the project marked an exciting opportunity for “our rich maritime history to record and share”.

He said: “The campaign should help dispel myths that minimize the historical footprint of some of our maritime pioneers and shine a light on Bermuda’s diverse nautical heritage.

“I hope this knowledge will continue to instill national pride in our residents and show the world why Bermuda is on the verge of reclaiming its status as the Mecca of world sailing.”

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