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The tale that the Lakers are too old has been percolating since general manager Rob Pelinka started adding pieces around LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. This topic of discussion depends on the performance of the Lakers throughout the season. If they start to achieve a winning streak, the age jokes will decrease, but when there are difficulties or injuries, that speech will start to flow again.

Even LeBron James found this conversation funny recently.

“The story of our age, I laugh a little. In fact, I am really laughing. I’m not just saying that.

Former Lakers champion Metta Sandiford-Artest, formerly Ron Artest, took to Twitter to talk about this tale of old age with this current Lakers roster.

“The Lakers are the oldest team in the league, but they’re not very old. They’re not all, you know, 39, 40. They’re about to be old… They’re in a unique situation, we won a title. [when] we like 29 or 30. Jordan won his last title, he was probably 34… that being said, you have a bunch of Hall-of-Famers who just came out of their prime. They have the intelligence, they still have the physical capabilities. That’s one of the reasons I think the Lakers have the opportunity to win the final. “

Artest has always been honest when giving his opinion on anything. He makes a valid point, because many of the new veterans who have joined the Lakers are old, but they are not completely washed away. They still have the basketball skills and experience to fight young league opponents. Additionally, medicine and training are much more advanced today than they were five years ago, as many athletes still manage to perform at a high level even as they approach 40 years of age.

James has been a tactician his entire career on how to adapt and get the better of his opponents with every stop he made. There have always been doubts at every point in his career, and he has always managed to distinguish them throughout. He’s really gotten to the point where we really have to see him to believe him in terms of the shortcomings in his long career.

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