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The Kentucky Rifle competed against eight ohthe teams in major American rifle championshipstotaling the highest point total, winning the title.

Competing teams included West Virginia, Navy, Ole Miss, Memphis, Akron, North Carolina State,Kentucky and the army, which hosted the an event in West Point, New York. The the competition started on Friday and ended Saturday morning.

Starting on Friday was the small-caliber relays. Kentucky’s Mary Tucker led the pack with a score of 593. Navy’s Marleigh Duncan, Ole To lack’ Lea Horvath, Tal Engler from West Virginia and Allison from Kentucky Busseler complete the top five. Senior Richard Clark was 10th in the small caliber relays.

Other cats in the area of ​​69 included Men’s 10m Air Rifle Olympic Gold Medalist Will Shaner ranking just outside the top dozen at age 13, Junior Mason Hamiltonranking at 17, From Charleston, West Virginia Mitchell Nelson just behind Hamilton at 18, freshman Kayla Kalenza at 21, Jaden Thompson, 2020-21 All-GARC Scholar Athlete of the Year turns 41freshman Tori Kopelen, who finished ten places behind Kopelen at 51, and finally junior emmie sellerswho completed the UKthe involvement of at 55 years old.

Early Saturday morning, competition resumed as the focus shifted to the air rifle portion of the shot. WVU’s Akihito Shimizu led the pack this time with 599followed by Claire O’Neel Ole Miss Rebels who also had 599followed by the Wildcat duo of Busseler and Shaner occupying the third and fourth places both scoring 598.

The rest of the top 10 was made up of Angeline Henry of Memphis with 597, Gavin from Akron Perkowski with 597 followed by a pair of WVU climbers in Calista Smoyer and Jared Eddy, joined by Kentucky Sellers all of which received a score of 596.

Smallbore leader Mary Tucker reportedly turns 15 with 594 stitches, followed by other Cats Clark at age 19 with 593Thompson at 27 with 592, Kalenza at 33 with 590Hamilton at 50 with 586and rounding cats would be Kopelen at 57totaling 584 points in the competition.

Individually, Kentucky would hold the top two spots overall. These spots would be tenuous the British duo of Tucker and Busseler who totaled 1187 points during the two days an event.

WVU’s Engler and Shimizu would take fourth and fifth, Duncan would go fifth, Horvath sixth, Navy’s Michael Zanti seventh, Henry eighth, Shaner ninth, and Smoyer completing the top ten.

Behind the UK in the overall standings ranking would be in this order West Virginia, Ole Miss, Navy, Akron, Army, Memphis and the state of North Carolina.

Next, the Wildcats will take a break before heading west to Colorado Springs, Colo., the site of the 2022 NCAA Rifle Championships. The championships are scheduled to take place March 11-12 at Clune Arena on the Air Campus Strength.

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