KBA reveals national badminton players for team championship




The Kathmandu Badminton Academy today unveiled the national team players for the Kumari Bank Kathmandu Tag Team Championship next month.

According to the KBA, the top eight players according to the ranking of the national teams in the men’s and women’s section will participate in the championship scheduled for December 21-24. The players will be distributed among the participating teams by drawing lots.

The top eight commuters in the men’s section selected by the KBA are Ratnajit Tamang, Dipesh Dhami, Bikash Shrestha, Sajan Krishna Tamrakar, Bishnu Katuwal, Sudip Dedhai, Deepak Bohara and Nabin Shrestha.

Likewise, Nangsal Devi Tamang, Amita Giri, Anu Maya Rai, Rashila Maharjan, Shova Gauchan, Sunaina Mukhiya, Sima Rajbanshi and Samjhana Sharma were selected for the championship in the women’s section.

Jessica Gurung, fifth, and Sita Maya Rai, no.8, withdrew due to injuries and KBA included No.9 Rajbanshi and 10 Sharma in the roster.

These players will receive Rs 20,000 upon registration, while the organizers will provide them with Rs 2,500 as match fees for each match, KBA General Secretary Deepak Thapa informed.

The championship consists of five events – men’s singles, women’s singles, corporate doubles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles – and teams with three wins will win the match. The eight participating corporate houses will be assigned one player from the list, while they will choose other players from their respective organizations.

Players ranked in the top four teams will receive Rs 75,000, Rs 60,000, Rs 55,000 and Rs 47,500 respectively, while the winning team will receive a racing trophy.

The other players on the winning team will receive medals and gift baskets.

A version of this article appears in the November 25, 2021 print of The Himalayan Times.

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