John Legend and the Headspace app introduce new tools to get you into bed



Are you ready for John Legend to put you to sleep?

John Legend first partnered with Headspace, an app for practicing mindfulness, in 2020. The two first launched “Focus Music,” as a helpful resource amid the impact of the pandemic . The goal of the soundtrack was to help relieve user stress and improve your health and focus, according to GQ.

“People are concerned about the state of the world, and they have good reason to be,” John Legend told the outlet. “There are a lot of stressful things about the fact that there is a pandemic raging, the economy is where it is, unemployment is where it is, but there are proven techniques that help people to face one of these problems.”

Now, in the second year of the partnership, the Grammy-winning singer is in the spirit of self-love, wellness and a good night’s rest.

According to a press release, Headspace aired its first Super Bowl commercial ahead of the annual football championship. The campaign, “Love Yourself Like a Legend,” partners Headspace in speaking out for the season of self-love using “new tools and resources both in and outside of the Headspace app”.

“Our vision at Headspace is to create a world where everyone is kind to their spirit,” said Amy Davis, vice president of global brand marketing at Headspace. “With ‘Love Yourself Like a Legend’, we use a cultural moment and humor to deliver a very important and often overlooked message: for people to take care of the most important relationship they have – the one with them. themselves.”

New Headspace Sleep Tools

Legend’s two new sleep tools are a Headspace sleep show that features his narration and an eight-hour sleep playlist curated by the musician.

“For so many people, we give so much love to those around us, that we forget to dedicate a little TLC to ourselves,” Legend said. “I’m thrilled to partner with Headspace to remind the world to give us the love we so desperately need, starting with a good night’s sleep with my new Headspace Reading and Sleeping List.”

The press release says he will also be the special guest host of Radio Headspace, the company’s mental health podcast.

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