Japanese Ministry of Communications supports amateur radio



In 2021, Japan’s digital agency minister, Dr. Karen Makishima (LDP Kanagawa), established an advisory board that aims to encourage young people to become radio amateurs

Historically, the Department of Home Affairs and Communications (MIC) considered amateur radio to be treated the same as professional radio services whose purpose is to provide reliable communication, but as the essence of amateur radio is experimental and educational, it should be treated differently. professional/commercial radio users.

In November 2021, the MIC produced the report “Radio Policy Council in the Age of Digital Transformation” which notes:

• “The population of radio amateurs is declining, and we must continue to make amateurs through various efforts”

• “Youth will lead the future”

• “Consider creating an environment that makes it easy to start amateur radio”

• “We will carry out studies for the realization of a system and an environment facilitating the use of amateur radio, such as the realization of an experimental/research environment”

• “Accelerate the process from acquiring an amateur radio operator license to opening and operating radio stations”

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The Advisory Board held its first meeting on January 26, 2022

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