IWTV Announces Rules for Tag Team Championship Matches, Darby Allin Gets New Tattoo | Size of the fight


Here is your battle size update for Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

– IWTV announced a set of rules that teams competing for their recently introduced Tag Team Championships must abide by:

NXT Tag Team Title Unification Bout Set For Worlds Collide

IWTV officials will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines when officiating IWTV Tag Team Championship bouts, which will be contested within 60 minutes.

A wrestler must do the following to create a legal tag:

Tags are legal as long as both team members are touching above the waist or hand to hand.

All beacons must be above the top rope.

The wrestler outside the ring must stand on the apron, holding the rope tied in their corner.

A tag team may be disqualified for failing to comply with the following:

Inside the Ring – 10 seconds for both team members to be in the ring

Outside the ring – 10 seconds for legal persons outside the ring

If an illegal tag is performed, the competitor has 5 seconds to exit

Additionally, team combinations such as “stacked punches” and “double submissions” are prohibited.

Revisions may be made and noted here by date modified.

– Darby Allin revealed a fresh coat of ink:

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