It’s World Amateur Radio Day!




Every April 18, radio amateurs around the world celebrate World Amateur Radio Day (DISTRICT). Sponsored by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), World Amateur Radio Day marks the founding of the IARU in 1925. Radio amateurs around the world will celebrate the contribution of amateur radio to society. WARD 2016 coincides with National Parks Week in the United States, so listen to fans of NPS Units for National Parks Live (NPOTA).

“April 18 is a day for all of amateur radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide and the fun we have,” the IARU said.

Amateur radio pioneers – including ARRL co-founder Hiram Percy Maxim, 1AW – met in Paris in 1925 and established the IARU to support amateur radio worldwide. As Maxim and his counterparts envisioned it, the IARU is an international confederation of national amateur radio organizations that provides a forum for common issues of concern and collectively represents issues to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Today, the IARU comprises 160 member societies in three regions. IARU Region 1 includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North Asia. Region 2 covers the Americas and Region 3 includes Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island nations and most of Asia. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recognized the IARU as representing the interests of amateur radio.

Groups can promote their WARD activity on social media using the hashtag #WARD2016 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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