Is the AEW Tag Team Championship the best-booked title right now?



Nowadays, AEW have had a good track record when it comes to their championships at all levels, all feeling important and special. WWE fans can be used to tag team titles that have been ignored, passed on as toys and put on the shoulders of meaningless duos and reunited partners. This is not the case at AEW, where the championships are of the utmost importance.

All AEW titles are well reserved

Since the start of the company, every title change in AEW has been significant. While at times the AEW Women’s Championship may have suffered from a lack of focus on the division, it once again found itself as a big deal on the shoulder of the current champion, Dr Britt Baker DMD The world title and the title TNT have been very protected so far, with some exciting matches and long reigns between the two, especially with the World Championship.


AEW Team Championships

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The Tag Team Championship, like the rest of the company’s belts, could make a strong case for being the best reserved – not just in the company, but in the world. Team wrestling seems perhaps more important in AEW than anywhere else, and that has rubbed off on the belts. AEW consistently shows just how much of a draw tag team wrestling can be, with some elite action inside the ropes, and some of the best games the world has ever seen from the division.

So far every reign has felt important

From the first champions, it was clear that AEW was tightly focused on the titles. SCU, in the early days of AEW, was one of the most popular and well-known acts elsewhere in the wrestling world. The story throughout the inaugural tag title tournament, with Scorpio Sky replacing injured Christopher Daniels fighting from below – even wrestling with no shoes on – was excellent television and helped air the early episodes of Dynamite. While SCU is no longer together, they were clearly the right choice, with a fan-favorite duo having a classic crowning moment.

SCU AEW Team Champions

The following champions really helped change the game. Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page, although initially solo stars, were good friends in The Elite, teaming up over time and climbing the ranks to eventually become champions and one of the best teams in the world at the time. Fans who have seen the product since that time will know how well this reign has played out in the history of Page’s phenomenal and emotional journey, from his departure from The Elite to his rise to power as the first face of the whole company. Their reign would include some big games, including what is widely regarded as the greatest tag team game of all time against the Young Bucks.

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They would lose the titles to FTR, who won using better tactics and focusing on the art of tag wrestling, something they may be the best in the world to practice. They too had one of the best tag team games in recent memory when they lost their titles to the Bucks. Their reign was, once again, filled with formidable in-ring action, with a mid-reign heel turn and another incredible loss to the Lucha Brothers in what is considered the best Steel Cage contest in quite some time. time.

Young Bucks Lucha Bros AEW Tag Team Championship

Regular title matches have built the prestige of the belts

The tag division has a huge amount of exposure and investment, and it was clearly shown how special it is to hold the belts, with so few teams having this honor so far. One thing that benefits the belts is the large amount of TV defenses that take place. With teams like the Bucks defending the titles so many times against a wide range of different teams, their reign gained much more legitimacy, which made it especially meaningful when they finally lost the straps. They had beaten everyone up to this point, using the ranking system to consistently produce new challengers.

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The crowd reaction when the Lucha Bros were the team to finally reverse their period at the top shows how special their reign was and how much protection the belts were during that time. Each tag team is competing for the title belts, and this is evident with the number of different teams that have challenged. Making the belts long awaited by the tag teams considerably increases their stock.

Lucha Bros AEW Tag Team Champions

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There has been a recent downside to booking titles, however. Now that the Bucks no longer own them, they’ve been featured a little less on TV, often relegated to behind-the-scenes segments. It’s a shame given the momentum held by the new champions from the All Out PPV. For that reason alone, the AEW World Title probably has the strongest arguments to be the best reserved, for the simple reason that it didn’t suffer from a slack period like this, although it wasn’t even not necessarily a bad time for the tag. belts, on the contrary. All of this is a testament to the prestige of the AEW Championships and the high regard in which they are held.

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