India enter semi-finals of FIDE Women’s World Team Championship


India reached the semi-finals of the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championships on Thursday after Mary Ann Gomes won her two matches in each set against Kazakhstan.

India occupied a good position and managed to beat Kazakhstan 2.5-1.5 in the second set of the quarter-finals. Tania Sachdev, who was strong earlier, made a blunder in the second set due to time pressure and lost the decisive opening game.

R. Vaishali again drew on the second board, while Harika Dronavalli secured a clinical finish to help India equalize. Responsibility fell to Mary Ann Gomes, whose first set victory helped India take the lead to 2-2. Mary regained her grip to post a decisive victory.

Mary joined the Indian squad in place of Koneru Humpy and with her two victories at crucial moments she made her presence felt. Mary came to help India overcome the setback she suffered after Vaishali’s draw and Bhakti Kulkarni’s loss at the third board.

A hard-fought game by Mary earned her a victory to make it 2-2.

The results

In set 1 of the quarter-finals, India drew 2-2 against Kazakhstan (D. Harika drew with Zhansaya Abdumalik; R. Vaishali drew with Dinara Saduakassova; Bhakti Kulkarni lost against Meruert Kamilidenova; Mary Ann Gomes bt Gulmira Dauletova).

In set 2, Kazakhstan lost to India 1.5-2.5 (Abdumalik lost to Harika; Saduakassova drew with Vaishali; Kamalidenova bt Tania Sachdev; Dauletova lost to Mary)

India will face a formidable Georgia on Friday in the semi-finals.

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