Impact Wrestling Under Siege Results (5/7) – Tag Team Championship – The Briscoes (Jay, Mark) defeated Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner) (c) w/Joe Doering by Pinfall; Sami Callihan returned; World Championship – Josh Alexander (c) defeated Tomohiro Ishii by Pinfall



Impact Wrestling Under Siege should close out the night with two of the best matches of the night, so let’s get to the fun!

As soon as VBD entered the ring, the Briscoes chased after them and the action spilled over to the ground. The Briscoes devastated them as Doering stood on the ramp watching.

Deoring made a throat slash move and entered the ring and took good shots from the Briscoes so Deaner and Young could attack them from behind.

Once that was somewhat settled, Mark and Young started the official game, and Deaner scored to get some shots on Mark.

Blind Jay tagged in and dropped Deaner with a clothesline, then beat him with a headbutt and some kicks.

Mark came into his suplex for a pin attempt, then he and Deaner traded chops and slaps as Jay checked in.

Mark took Young out with a flip over the top rope, and Jay gave Deaner some of the same on the other side of the ring.

Young distracted the ref so Doering pushed Jay off the top rope and Deaner dug Jay’s face. A double kick from Young and Deaner led to a pin attempt on Jay.

As Deaner had the referee’s attention, Doering slammed Jay into the ring apron to give VBD more of an advantage.

Mark scored and went back and forth between Deaner and Young with jabs, sent Young to the floor with a dropkick before pinning Deaner with a clothesline and a top rope slam for a pin attempt .

Jay fed Deaner into a big boot and they hit a daredevil/powerbomb for a near pinfall. Deaner and Young hit a backbreaker and neckbreaker combo for a near pinfall on Mark.

Mark and Mark traded blows in a crazy match, and Jay came back like a fireball and hit a neckbreaker and Mark hit a flying elbow for the pin but Deaner saved the match

Young hit a belly to belly on Jay and a wheelbarrow daredevil on Mark to expose everyone.

After breaking a double team by VBD. The Briscoes hit a Doomsday fixture to win.

Congratulations champions!

Sami Callihan spoils Moose hijacking

After the match, Moose’s music played and interrupted Mathew Rehwoldt on a commentary and he walked out to the ring.

Moose said he’s done a lot of terrible things, but he has no remorse because they made him the greatest world champion in all of pro wrestling.

He called out the Impact and the fans for reimbursing him with a lack of respect for Josh Alexander who was given 6 and a half months to prepare, but he only had 5 days.

He claimed that Josh Alexander would not defend his title because he had just hijacked the show and D’Amore had 30 seconds to respond before he did horrible things to the people there.

The lights went out and the upcoming feature preview for Sami Callihan was planted and when the lights came on he was in the ring with a baseball bat in his hand.

He dodged Moose’s right and nailed him with the bat, and hit a piledriver.

World Championship – Josh Alexander (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Their early blocks sucked, but Ishii looked to control Josh with an armbar, and they collided with a series of shoulder blocks.

Josh hit a pair of arm drags, and Ishii knocked him down with a shoulder, then started taking Josh down.

Josh returned the favor before they battled for position to suplex each other, with Ishii eventually hitting one.

They traded chops in the corner until Ishii had enough and pounded Josh. After Josh played a little game, Ishii punched him in the throat and continued the assault.

After hitting Ishii with a few chops to the throat area, Josh hit three German suplexes, the third ending in a bridge for a pin attempt.

Josh hit a rolling senton and a knee to the back of the neck from the middle rope for a near pinfall.

Josh tried to keep rolling, but Ishii hit a Powerslam off the ropes to buy time, then they traded punches again.

Josh countered a kick into an ankle lock, the Ishii countered for his own ankle lock, then a knee bar.

Josh broke free and locked himself in an ankle lock and fell to the mat, but Ishii wrapped them in the ropes to break the hold.

So close !

Ishii breaking the hold sent Josh back and he went for the C-4 Spike and then a powerbomb but his ankle gave way.

Ishii reversed another C-4 Spike attempt with a backdrop, and they traded clotheslines and Josh hit a spinning slam for a near pinfall.

Ishii fired and they traded clotheslines, knocking each other out.

Ishii hit a pair of clotheslines for a pin attempt, and Ishii went for a brainbuster but Josh escaped and went for a small package for a near pinfall.

Josh then hit a powerbomb backbreaker, but missed a follow-up moonsault.

After an exchange, Josh hit a powerbomb and a C-4 Spike for the win.

It was as tough a match as we’ve seen in a while, although it could have been a bit shorter.

It was still an awesome match and Josh’s toughest challenge yet.

It was a great game and a great show. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Under Siege Results. We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all next week.

See you later!

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