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MAY 19, 2022 (RECORDED)

Impact Advertisers: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Recap video of last week’s events on Impact TV.

-Weekly Impact intro video released.

(1) LAREDO KID vs. SPEEDBALL MIKE BAILEY – Ultimate X Qualifying Match

Kid took Bailey to the mat and got a first pin attempt. Bailey’s arm dragged Kid. Kid missed a dive to the ground and was hit by Bailey. Back in the ring, Bailey got a two count. Bailey landed on Kid with the double knees. They exchanged a series of kicks. Kid moonsaulted from the apron to the ground on Bailey.

Kid continued on offense in the ring. Kid landed a moonsault off the bottom rope and got a two count after another press. Bailey received two counts. Bailey moonsaulted Kid from inside the ring to the ground. Fans chanted “Speedball”. Bailey kicked Kid and twisted a dive on Kid for a two count.

Kid bombed Bailey and chopped him up. Bailey landed a spinning kick on Kid, but missed the Ultimo weapon. Kid got a two count, followed by a driver on Kid for another two count. Kid and Bailey exchanged punches over the top rope. Kid headbutted Bailey to knock him down, but Bailey recovered. They exchanged blows again.

Kid gave Bailey a sunset, but Bailey recovered and kicked Kid for a two count. Bailey rolled up Kid for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Bailey in 9:00.

(DL’s Take: A great first game. These two worked well together and continued to come up with innovative moves.)

-Ace Austin sent a promo from Tokyo, Japan in front of an NJPW logo. He talked about Kenny King and Mike Bailey qualifying for the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary. He said he would teach Bailey a lesson for turning against him. Ace said he made history while in NJPW and won his first match in the Super Juniors tournament. He said this would be his third Ultimate X match at Slammiversary. He said winning would be inevitable. [c]

-Slammiversary promo featuring Josh Alexander uncovering a box with TNA tags as “TNA” chants were heard in the background.

-Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green have made a promo of their honeymoon. Cardona talked about Rich Swann challenging him for the digital title. He said Swann didn’t hear a shot. Chelsea said they would soon be double knockout champions. They kissed to end the promo.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera from the ringside table. They ran the matches for tonight.


Grace and Deonna started the match. After a brief exchange, Taya and Tasha scored. Taya had the upper hand, then tagged Grace. [c]

Grace pushed Tasha into the corner and cut her off. Grace gave Tasha a delayed suplex. Fans counted to thirty before Grace slammed her. The heel team used a distraction to take the lead. Deonna smothered Grace. Evans charged Grace into the corner. Tasha punched and kicked Grace. Tasha put Grace in a chin strap.

Grace suplexed Tasha. Grace DDT’d Tasha and hot-tagged Mia. Mia went wild on Tasha. The match broke down and everyone traded blows. Deonna dragged Tasha to tag Evans. Taya suplexed Evans. Mia gave Evans the Eat Defeat for the win.

WINNERS: Taya Valkyrie & Mia Yim & Jordynne Grace in 12:00 p.m.

(DL’s Take: A fun match that served as an effective preview of the Impact Queen of the Mountain match at Slammiversary.)

– Locker Room Talk segment: Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood were seated on set. They bragged about beating Gisele Shaw and Alisha Edwards. Madison said Swinger didn’t show up for work today, but seconds later Swinger and Zicky Dice showed up. Rosemary and Havok suddenly appeared.

Havok said Madison and Tenille have yet to beat them. Tenille said they had to win a game to prove themselves and they would think about it. Dice jumped up and said he recognized Havok from the dungeon. She knocked him down. Rosemary and Havok have disappeared. Swinger dice rolled in cart. Madison and Tenille signed. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Chris Sabin about almost winning the Gauntlet for the Gold match. Sabin said he would issue a challenge. He challenged Frankie Kazarian to a match and said the future is now.

-Flashback Moment of the Week: Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian from the TNA Asylum days. [c]

-Eric Young promo. Eric used a calm voice throughout. He spoke of growing up in poverty and not being able to afford wrestling tickets. He said he had seen Ricky Steamboat on TV and thought it would be a great way to earn a living. He talked about getting into wrestling and signing with TNA with his friend Bobby Roode.

Eric retraced his career, including being slapped by Scott D’Amore on Team Canada and the “Don’t Fire Eric” angle. He talked about working for people who wanted him there and didn’t want him there. He mentioned working for a crazy old man. Eric said that was where he needed to be. He said “the world is not yours, it’s mine”. Very well done section.

-Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander. Alexander said Eric Young had to be in the conversation for the Impact’s first 20 years. He said we would see who the face of the company would be – himself or Eric Young. He said Eric should have the fight of his life at Slammiversary.

(3) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. MATT TAVEN & MIKE BENNETT (with Maria Kanellis)

Maria joined Hannifan and Rehwoldt for commentary. Bennett and Anderson started the match. They traded chops. Doc gave Bennett a series of punches. Doc clotheslined Taven and got a two count. Doc dropped his elbows on Taven. Anderson hit and chopped Taven. Taven and Bennett dropped Anderson on the third rope. Anderson and Taven fought on the ground.

Bennett ran the ropes, then poked Anderson in the eye. Bennett and Taven teamed up with Anderson. Bennett and Taven came in and out to keep the advantage. Doc finally made the hot tag and went after Taven and Bennett. The four wrestlers fought. Bennett dismantled the Magic Killer on Taven. Taven moonsaulted Doc for a two count.

Bennett accidentally kicked Taven. The Good Brothers teamed up with Bennett. Anderson went for the pin on Bennett, but Maria got on the ring apron to distract the referee. Anderson argued with Maria. Maria stepped into the ring. Bennett accidentally harpooned Maria. Anderson knocked out Bennett and got the pin. Maria remained on the mat as the Good Brothers celebrated on the ramp. [c]

WINNERS: Les Bons Frères at 10 a.m.

(DL’s Take: A basic match, but Bennett and Taven managed to get things going. Will Anderson and Maria have a match on Impact TV soon?)

-Sami Callihan promo. He talked about Moose breaking his leg and his recovery. He said he would make Moose’s life hell.


Masha charged Shawna at the bell and attacked her. Masha threw Shawna down and gave her a knee. Masha went for the pin but shot Shawna at two. Masha gave Shawna the snow plow for the pin.

WINNER: Masha Slamovich in 1:00.

The lights went out after the match and Havok headed to the ring. Masha and Havok faced off in the ring and clashed. [c]

(DL’s Take: Effective squash. Good to see Masha up against better competition and Havok will be a great opponent.)

-Slammiversary Promo. Josh Alexander opened the TNA box and clips from TNA’s 20th anniversary were released. Alexander then smiled. The voiceover said “There’s no place like home”.

-Raj Singh and Shera promo. Raj said Bhupinder Gujjar was being disrespectful and they were coming for him. Gujjar came over and said they should work it out in the ring. Raj said Shera will break him and asks if he will be alone. W. Morrissey came over and said Gujjar was not alone. Shera said he would see them next week and they left. Gujjar said he wanted to do it on his own, but Morrissey said there was no shame in taking someone’s help.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and reviewed next week’s matches:

  • Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • Masha Slamovich vs. Havok
  • Trey Miguel vs. Alex Shelley
  • Jordynne Grace v Chelsea Green

-Violent By Design entered the ring, followed by the Briscoes. [c]

(5) MARK & JAY BRISCOE (c) vs. JOE DOERING & DEANER w/ Eric Young – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match

Deaner and Mark started the match, but Doering scored almost immediately. Doering and Jay faced off. Jay made a comeback on Deaner. Mark suplexed Deaner and got an account. Deaner and Mark traded chops. The Briscoes teamed up with Deaner. Jay stomped on Deaner in the corner. Mark kicked Deaner to the ground. Mark gave Deaner a daredevil on the floor. Doering gave Jay a flying crossbody block in the ring. [c]

Violent By Design had the advantage after the break. Eric Young hit Jay from the outside. VBD came in and out to keep the advantage over Jay. Mark eventually scored and hit Doering and Deaner. Mark dived over the top rope onto Doering on the floor. Mark threw Deaner off the top rope. Jay kicked Doering out.

The Briscoes gave Deaner a neckbreaker powerbomb and got a two count. Doering threw Mark into the post on the outside. Jay and Doering fought in the ring. Doering gave Jay a spinebuster. Deaner headbutted Jay and went for the pin, but Mark made the save. Jay and Doering fought in the ring. Jay shot Doering.

Jay nudged Deaner. As Deaner went after Mark, Jay rolled up Deaner for the pin. VBD then attacked the Briscoes. Josh Alexander ran for the stoppage and cleared the ring of Doering and Deaner. Alexander and Eric Young came face to face. Fans chanted “Walking Weapon”. Deaner attacked Alexander from behind. The Briscoes did the backup and threw VBD.

WINNERS: The Briscoes at 3 p.m.

(DL’s Take: An energetic tag team game and a big win for the Briscoes. The Briscoes brought such a spark to the tag team division. It was a great start for the build towards Alexander vs. Young at Slammiversary.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A maintenance show that continued the slow build of Slammiversary. It’s not the most watchable show, but the action was decent and the storylines moved forward.

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