Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results (3/5) – Impact Tag Team Championship – Violent By Design (Joe Doering, Eric Young) w/ Deaner defeated The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson) w/ Chris Bey (c) by Pinfall; Impact World Championship – Moose (c) defeated Heath by Pinfall; Josh Alexander has returned and will face Moose at Rebellion



Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results is looking forward to this one, so let’s get to the fun.

Young started against Karl and they traded armbands early on.

After an even game, Gallows and Doering scored and the Bulls went on without hesitation.

After Doering hammered Gallows, they traded three shoulder blocks and Galows hit with a big boot for a pin attempt.

After Gallows controlled him with a back chin, Doering exploded out of a corner and crushed Gallows and Karl and Young came back.

Karl took control with a shoulder block, body slam and senton before nailing a fisherman neckbreaker for a near pinfall. Doering scored and he leveled Karl and knocked Gallows off the apron.

Doering’s body slammed Karl and Young hit a flying elbow for a near pinfall.

Impact Wrestling Overview

Gallows and Karl call in some quick tags and hit an assisted daredevil on Young for a near pinfall.

Young fought the Magic Killer and pulled the ropes to send Gallows to the ground.

Young latched onto a superplex from Karl, so Gallows came to help, and Doering bombarded all three of them.

Gallows and Young made their way up the ramp, and Young hit a low kick and stacked Gallows on the stage.

Young returned to the ring to double team Karl for Doering to get the pin and the titles.

Impact World Championship – Moose (c) vs. Heath

They started chewing and Moose pushed him, so Heath chased him down with a handful of punches, then dodged Moose’s charges to keep the pressure on.

Moose picked him up and drove him to the opposite corner and pounded Heath, then he threw him across the ring.

Moose continued to beat him and threw him across the ring a second time.

Heath fired and brought it to Moose and sent him to the ground with a high knee. Heath followed him and Moose kicked out to stop Heath’s momentum.

Moose continued to work it on the floor and threw Heath down the ring steps before returning to the ring.

The referee reached a count of 7, but Moose went to the ground to break the count so he could further punish Heath.

Moose stomped on Heath’s right hand, and Heath tried to fight back but Moose bludgeoned him and hit his right hand again.

Impact Wrestling Preview (3/11) – Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) vs. Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander);  Heath signs his contract

Not to break the trend, Moose stomped on Heath’s right ankle and continued to pound him again.

Moose continued his torture with an abdominal stretch, and Heath broke it by biting his hand. This really pissed Moose off and he knocked him down and hit with two Yurinagis on the apron.

Moose tried to corner him with a foot and Heath barely got sent off.

Heath fired and chased Moose, then threw him over the top ropes and followed him with a bandolier over the top ropes.

Heath dodged a spear and rolled Moose for a near pinfall, then hit a wake-up call for another near pinfall.

Moose hut has Yurinagi when Heath pulls him up, then a spear for the win. One of these days Moose will mess with his opponent too much and he’ll come back to bite him.

Josh Alexander appeared behind Moose, and he hit a C-4 Spike and threw his coat at him. Josh grabbed a mic and said how Scott D’Amore sent him home and he needed to keep his emotions in check.

Josh said he was right to send him home to recharge, and he was a mile from Anthem’s headquarters and he sorted it all out and signed a multi-year contract with Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) - Four Way Impact Tag Team Championship - North (Ethan Page, Josh Alexander) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin), The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows), and Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

He also has a contract to face Moose at Rebellion in the main event.

It was a big surprise and a show overall, and we can’t wait to see Josh and Moose face off.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results. We had a great time and can’t wait for Thursday.

To all then !

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