Impact Wrestling Results (09/01) – Tag Team Championship Match, No. 1 Contenders Match


James thanks the fans for being there. She thanks management for letting her speak and says November will be 24 years since she first stepped into a wrestling ring. She says it’s more than half her life and she’s spent that time living, breathing, bleeding and crying for the company. She says the past two years have been a journey, from sitting on her sister’s deathbed to her release six months later. She says all the criticism and negativity thrown at her went to her head, but the fans helped her get her started.

James went on to say she had one of the greatest runs of her career after winning her last knockout title. She said that after losing her belt to Tasha Steelz and then being betrayed by Chelsea Green, it set her back even further. It made her feel like she didn’t belong anymore and told her she couldn’t do it anymore. She said she paused in the struggle to do some soul-searching to figure out what she needed to do. She said all she wanted to do was give women opportunities and give women equal time. She said if she ever got to the point where she couldn’t hang out with the women there, then she would leave.

James announces she’s not retiring, but says she wants to test herself. She says she’s not asking for a knockout title match, but she wants to achieve it. She issues an open challenge to one of the women in the back and says if she ever loses at any point in her journey, she retires. She says she promises it will be one hell of a ride and it will end in two ways: either she wins the Knockout title or she retires.

We head behind the scenes of Gia Miller and Josh Alexander. She asks for her reaction to James’ announcement and he congratulates her on being one of the greatest Knockouts of all time. Alexander then goes to Eddie Edwardsa and says they will find out who the best man at Bound for Glory is. He says Honor No More can be as bitter as they want, and says there’s no way he’ll spit in the face of the company that helped him.

Edwards comes in and dismisses Miller. Edwards says he appreciates her loyalty, but it’s foolish to be loyal to the company. He says Heath cut him off before he said his article. Heath comes out of nowhere and throws it off the chair.

Back from the break, Scott D’Amore closes in on Heath. He says no one loves him more than him, but D’Amore says he can’t keep him attacking the No. 1 contender. D’Amore is making a match for Heath and Edwards next week and Heath is thanks, saying that’s all he ever wanted. Heath approaches Alexander and apologizes for cutting him off. Alexander brushes him off, saying Edwards was right in that he cut him off before he could say his word.

Back at ringside, Alex Zayne walks to the ring, followed by Mascara Dorada.

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