IMPACT Wrestling Results 05/19/2022: IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match, Taya in Action & More



Welcome to’s discussion and live coverage for the 05/19/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling live on AXS TV. We’ll be bringing the full results and breakdowns for every game and segment of the show. Follow Fightful on and

– The broadcast began with a video package highlighting the No. 1 contender’s battle royal from the 05/12/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling. The show started with Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt welcoming the audience to the show.

‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey qualifies for Ultimate X match at IMPACT Slammiversary 2022

Ultimate X Qualifying Match

Laredo Kid vs. Mike Bailey

The match started with Bailey and Laredo Kid locked in, with Baily going from a trash lock to a wrap for a near pinfall. Bailey and Laredo Kid traded pins before looking down. Laredo Kid did a sunset pin for a near fall. Bailey hit an arm on the Laredo kid, but Kid hit him with a dropkick. Laredo Kid went for a Suicide Dive, but Bailey escaped and kicked Kid in the face. Bailey punched Laredo Kid in the chest for a near fall. For a near fall, Bailey hit a double knee to the middle rope on Laredo Kid. Bailey hit a series of kicks, but Laredo Kid caught him with a neck breaker. Laredo Kid hit a spring loaded Moonsault on Mike Bailey outside the ring. Laredo Kid hit a face-buster, followed by a spring-rope corkscrew on Bailey’s back for a near pinfall. Laredo Kid hit the Tijeras on Bailey, but Bailey reversed him for a near pinfall. Bailey hit a mid-round loop moonsault on Laredo Kid on the outside. Bailey hit a drop kick over the top rope on Laredo Kid. Bailey hit a Standing Twist-Shooting star press on Laredo Kid for a near fall. Laredo Kid hit a Chingona Bomb on Bailey, followed by a Superman Forearm. Bailey hit a spinning kick on Laredo Kid. Laredo Kid hit a Michinoku driver for a near fall on Bailey. Laredo Kid went to the top rope, but Bailey met him there and started trading strikes. Bailey landed a series of forearm shots on Laredo Kid. Bailey kicked Laredo Kid, but Laredo Kid reversed the pinfall attempt for a near pinfall, but Bailey reversed it to a crucifix pinfall for the win, qualifying for the Ultimate X Match which is taking place on Slammiversary.

Winner: Mike Bailey.

– From Japan, X-Division Champion Ace Austin did a promo on Bailey, saying that history is written by him and the X-Division is at his mercy. Ace Austin boasted of being the 1st X-Division Champion to compete in New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Best of The Super Juniors tournament. Austin said winning Ultimate X was inevitable.

– Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green were spotted vacationing for their honeymoon, where Cardona stayed because he’s too busy for Rich Swann. Chelsea Green has declared she will win the Queen of the Mountain match for the IMPACT Women’s Championship on Slammiversary. She said that would wish them luck, but she didn’t care because she would be busy.

Deonna Purrazzo, Savanah Evans and Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie, Mia Yim and Jordynne Grace.

The match started with Purrazzo and Grace locked in. Purrazzo and Grace dodged the offense before looking down. Steelz and Taya scored, with Taya hitting a back-splash on Steelz. Taya hit double knees in the corner on Steelz, followed by a Blue Thunderbomb for a near pinfall. Grace attacked Steelz in the corner, followed him with a chop overhand and did a standing jackhammer on Steelz for a near pinfall. Evans hit Grace at the rope. Purrazzo came back and stomped Grace into the corner. Evans landed a series of forearm punches on Grace, followed by a Butterfly Suplex for a near pinfall. Steelz came back, hit a running uppercut, inseguri kick and running kick on Grace for a near fall. Steelz tried to put Grace in a suplex, but Grace hit an instant suplex on Steelz. Grace hit a Blackout on Steelz, scoring Mia Yim. Yim hit a Shotgun Dropkick on Steelz, followed by a Run Boot and Modified Powerbomb for a near fall, courtesy of Purrazzo. Grace threw Purrazzo out of the ring, but Evans caught her with a big boot. Yim hit a kick from Pele, but Purrazzo hit a pump kick on Yim. Taya hit the Pandemonium Suplex on Evans, which led to Mia Yim hitting Yim-Defeat on Evans for the eventual victory.

Winners: Mia Yim, Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkaryie.

– Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood hosted a special edition of Locker Room Talk, where they said the energy was good after The Iiconics (Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay) left. Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger are interrupted, with Swinger inviting Rayne to the Dungeon. Decay (Havok & Rosemary) interrupted, with Havok pointing out that Dashwood and Rayne didn’t defeat them in a match. Rayne told them to do something to prove themselves. Dice said he recognized Havok from the dungeon, which led to Havok pushing Dice onto Swinger’s penis, injuring his tailbone.

– Chris Sabin was interviewed by Gia Miller, saying he was close to winning the Contender #1 Battle Royale. Sabin then challenged AEW wrestler Frankie Kazarian to a match for the 05/26/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling. There was a video showcase of a match Sabin and Kazarian had in the early years of TNA.

– There was a video package from Eric Young, where he told a story of his experience watching Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage on WrestleMania 3 from the public. He recounted his journey as a wrestler, including his run for Team Canada. He said he saw IMPACT from all angles, saying he worked with a crazy old man who couldn’t see past his own nose, alluding to Vince McMahon. He ended by saying his race is his mission statement, saying the world was his.

– IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander was interviewed backstage, claiming that Eric Young is a contender for IMPACT Wrestling MVP. Alexander said he would not give the championship easy, telling Young he would have to give the fight of his life to take the title away from him.

The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (with Maria Kanellis) vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson).

The match started with Bennett and Anderson locked in, with Bennett hitting Anderson with the forearm. Anderson hit a shoulder tackle on Bennett. Anderson and Gallows hit a double shoulder tackle on Bennett. Gallows slammed Bennett’s face against the middle cornering loop. Gallows hit a lariat on Taven for a near fall. Gallows elbowed Taven. Anderson scored and hit Taven’s eyes, which he followed up with an Irish Whip. Bennett and Taven launched Anderson over the top rope. Taven threw Anderson all over the ring area. Bennett hit an eye while running at Anderson. Taven hit a top rope dropkick on Anderson for a near fall. Anderson and Taven chopped off. Bennett put Anderson in a headlock on Anderson, breaking the hold to hit a dropkick on Gallows, sending him to the outside. Anderson hit a nasty Spinebuster on Bennett. Gallows scored and hit lariats on Taven and Bennett, followed by a leaping shoulder tackle on Tavem, followed by a rack attack one-on-one for a near pinfall. Bennett hit a spear on Gallows, with Taven receiving a small package on Gallows for a near pinfall. Taven hit a spring rope Moonsault for a near fall. Taven hit an inseguri, but Bennett accidentally hit a super kick on Taven. Good Brothers hit a Back-Suplex neck breaker combination. Maria distracted the referee, breaking the pin count. Maria Kanellis was accidentally speared by Mike Bennett, which Karl Anderson took advantage of to hit the Gun Stun for the overall victory.

Winners: The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows).

– Backstage, Sami Calllihan said he wasn’t mad at Moose for injuring his leg, but he was furious for taking his time away. Callihan warned Moose that he would make his life hell as the Death Machine was on the way.

Masha Slamovich vs. Shawna Reed

Slamovich attacked Reed, with a forearm and a series of kicks. Slamovich threw Reed, followed by a running boot on Reed. Slamovich hit the snowplow for the pinfall victory, immediately ending the match.

After the match, Havok came to the ring to confront Slamovich. Slamovich and Havok bumped heads, possibly teasing a match between them in the near future.

Winner: Masha Slamovich.

– Mahabali Shera and Raj Singh said that Bhupinder Gujjar is a selfish man, saying they have a target on him. Gujjar interrupted them and told them that they needed to sort out the issues he was having with them in the ring. They told him that Gujjar would not be able to take care of the two of them, but W. Morrisey cut them off. Shera challenged them both to a match on the 05/26/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match

Violent By Design (Cody Deaner & Joe Doering) (with Eric Young) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe).

The match started with Mark and Deaner yelling at each other, but Deaner tagged Joe Doering. Mark hit Doering, but Doering was off phase and pushed Mark to the ground. Jay scored, locked in with Doering. Jay went for a shoulder tackle, but Doering didn’t sell it and hit Jay over the head. Briscoe hit a running elbow on Deaner. Mark scored and hit a suplex on Deaner for a near pinfall. Mark and Deaner traded chops, but Deaner was hit with a big boot by Jay Briscoe, followed by a running knee from Mark. Jay hit an uppercut on Deaner, stomping him into the corner. Mark Briscoe threw a overhead dropkick on Deaner, followed by a neck breaker on Deaner on the outside. Doering hit a running crossbody on Jay Briscoe. Doering had a neck-centered headlock on Jay before hitting a slam-elbow power punch combination for a near pinfall. Deaner and Doeing hit double boots on Jay Briscoe. Deaner a dropkick to Jay’s butt, compressing Jay Briscoe’s neck in the corner of the ring. Jay Briscoe powered up and tagged Mark Briscoe. Mark Briscoe hit a jump kick on Doering, followed by a Tope Con Giro on Doering on the outside. Mark placed Deaner in the top rope, slapped him across the face, and threw Deaner into the ring for a near fall. Mark landed an ax handle kick on Deaner. Briscoes hit a Powerbomb-neck breaker combination for a near pinfall. Deaner kicked Jay in the face, followed by a Lariat. Doering scored and hit a Spinebuster on Jay for a near pinfall. Doering hit a Death Valley Driver, followed by Deaner who hit a diving head kick for a near fall. Doering hit a lariat on Mark Briscoe, but Jay hit a Frankensteiner on Doering. Jay hit a rolling elbow on Deaner. Jay got Deaner for an electric chair, but modified it to a pinfall attempt for the win, retaining the championships. Eric Young came to the ring and attacked Jay Briscoe, but Josh Alexander came in to make the save. Alexander threw Doering and Deaner out of the ring. Young and Alexander looked at each other, but Deaner came up from behind and attacked Alexander. Briscoes came in and made the save to Alexander. Alexander and The Briscoes stood up to end the show.

Winners and Still IMPACT Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe).

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