IMPACT Rebellion 2021: World Tag Team Championship Match – FinJuice vs. The Good Brothers Result



FinJuice defended their IMPACT World Tag Team titles at Rebellion.

The NJPW duo first appeared on IMPACT television in February following the No Surrender event, eventually beating The Good Brothers for the belts at Sacrifice a month later. Gallows and Anderson got a rematch at Rebellion, telling Robinson and Finlay not to confuse them having fun losing a stage. They fully intended to bring the titles back to IMPACT.

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The result of the Rebellion match can be seen below.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match
FinJuice (c) vs. The Good Brothers

FJ double team Karl and string together frequent tags and attack while focusing on Karl’s arm before Dave hits a sliding clothesline into a nervous lock before Karl backs David into the corner and tags Doc who misses a running splash in the corner and FJ double team Doc before Doc fights them off. FJ counters a double chokeslam into a flap jack before David battles TGB and is kicked out of the ring before Doc pulls him out and sends him back inside before digging into David’s midsection with hooks and a running boot. David gets the hot tag from Juice which knocks out the two TGB members and rocks Karl with jabs before hitting a reverse atomic drop into an enzuigiri before hitting a clothesline in the corner into a cannonball for two before scoring David overthrowing Doc. of the apron. FJ then hit Karl with a flying kick into a side Russian leg sweep for two before hitting a backbreaker diving elbow drop combo and Doc saves Karl from a doomsday device before TGB double team Juice for two before that David saves Fin from The Magic Killer before pinning Doc with a jack knife for the win.

Winner: FinJuice retains the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles by defeating The Good Brothers via pinfall.

You can find Fightful’s coverage of IMPACT Rebellion by clicking here. You can also check out the post-show podcast by clicking here.

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