IARU Secretary David Sumner, K1ZZ, provides Amateur Radio perspective on WRC-19




Writing in a special edition of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) of ITU News Magazine, International Union of Amateur Radio (IARU) Secretary David Sumner, K1ZZ, provided an overview of conference agenda items and amateur radio issues. In his article, “Opinions of the International Amateur Radio Union on WRC-19 Agenda Items,” Sumner noted that the IARU has participated in ITU conferences since 1927 and is a member of the Sectors. ITU Radiocommunication and Development.

According to Sumner, the general objectives of the IARU for WRC-19 are the global harmonization of the 50 – 54 MHz amateur allocation; maintaining access to the existing spectrum for amateurs and strengthening protections of radiocommunication services against interference from other RF generators.

“When a new technology is developed that generates radio frequency energy, it is essential that adequate protection of the radio services be included in the design of the system,” said Sumner.

He concluded by noting: “No future agenda item regarding new or harmonized spectrum allocations for amateur services is sought at WRC-19. This position does not preclude the search for specific allocations in unallocated spectrum above 275 GHz, if allocations to other services are considered. The IARU is carefully monitoring proposals for future agenda items that may impact the existing allocations to amateurs and satellite amateurs. “

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