How to create the best radio app – from connecting to interacting with the listener.



Ana Ormaechea, from Prisa Radio, spoke about the importance of analyzing the audio journey of your listeners. She says the key is to strategize around mobile usage — Prisa, for example, has 33 custom apps. That being said, the goal of every app is the same – your app needs to have stable audio streaming, you want people to discover new podcasts through your platforms, and most importantly, you want direct interaction with listeners. To achieve this, you want your listeners to access your podcasts and shows through your app, not Spotify.

Ana’s best tip – “if you change the login page to say ‘log in for free’, you can expect to see an increase in users logging in.”

Cathinka Rondan, from NRK, spoke about developing innovative ways to increase interaction. They have polls in live radio and will be adding them to podcasts soon. People interacted on the polls, which made the app known to traditional listeners who heard presenters discuss the comments that had been aired on the app.

Sarah Toporoff talked to Cathinka and Ana about app priorities – the share button being a big button. Use data to your advantage to change things – Cathinka pointed out that they had a snooze button that 2% of people used and knew they needed to rethink.

Adapt to your audience, Ana found that older users wanted news front and center and younger users wanted podcasts. Think about your audience and adapt the home page accordingly.

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