How to Compete with Apple Podcasts When Building Your Own App



Natacha Mercure, Senior Digital Audio Director at Radio Canada opened by explaining her digital strategy for French-language radio in Canada. They discovered that much of their content was being shared on platforms such as Apple Podcasts without monetization. They therefore had to ensure that their application provided value to the listener.

Over time, they completely changed the broadcast time to convert regular listeners and bring in new listeners – for example, people using their platform, OhDio, were able to hear podcasts before they aired on airwaves or on other platforms. It worked and they had a 120% increase in viewing. They also noted that viewing habits were different depending on app content – ​​for example, 63% of viewing occurs within a month of release and people would binge on content, similarly to platforms like Netflix work.

Christelle Mace, managing director of digital marketing and distribution at Radio France, explained how visual interfaces could become less important as voice control in app-connected cars increases. It’s also important to create benefits for people using your platform and to keep talking about apps on air. Additionally, we must be ethical about the data we use, but make any data collection beneficial to listeners – for example by giving them personal recommendations.

Christian Schalt, Chief Digital Officer at RTL, spoke about the creation of AUDIO NOW – which is now Germany’s largest audio platform. It’s organized and entertainment-focused with a focus on young people – this sets it apart from platforms like Apple. Most of the major publishers distribute their content on AUDIO NOW, the agreement being that in exchange publishers get access to their data.

“Podcasts are still a metropolitan thing,” Schalt says, which his data backs up. That being said “the podcast is becoming more and more mainstream”

All in all, if you want to build an app to drive people away from Spotify and Apple Podcasts, you need to find a way to give your audience value that they won’t get elsewhere.

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