How many teams will qualify for the LIV Golf Team Championship? All about the season finale



The controversial LIV Golf series will travel to Trump Doral in Miami for the season-ending tag team championship which runs October 27-30.

The Saudi-backed tournament recently concluded its Asian leg in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and will now return to the United States.

Under the Tag Team Championships format, 12 four-man teams will compete for the $16 million winners’ cash prize. Teams will be ranked from one to twelve.

While the top four seeded teams will receive a bye to the quarter-finals, the remaining eight teams will face off in the qualifying rounds.

The seeding will be determined by a shootout close to the pin by the team captains. It will take place immediately after the draft of the team’s players.

How will the qualifying rounds in the LIV Golf Team Championships work?

Team 4 Aces and Greg Norman at the LIV Golf Invitational - Chicago - Day 3 (Image via Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Team 4 Aces and Greg Norman at the LIV Golf Invitational – Chicago – Day 3 (Image via Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The format for the upcoming Team LIV Golf Championships, to be held in Trump Doral, Miami, was revealed in September. Initial team qualification will be based on seeding.

The team’s top seed will also play a pivotal role in the qualifying rounds. The fifth seed will have the opportunity to choose their opponent. The second seed will follow, then the third and fourth. Losing teams will be eliminated after each round.

The competitions will include two individual match play competitions and one pair match play competition. Each game is worth one point. Sudden Death Playoffs will occur as tiebreakers and team captains will select two players to compete for them.

LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman will exempt up to 12 players from participating in the Team Championships. The next 24 golfers will be chosen by the best players in the individual rankings who have participated in at least four regular season tournaments.

The remaining 12 spots will be filled by the highest-ranked players on the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) beginning October 17. However, their selection is only valid if they have participated in at least three LIV Golf events.

The Tag Team Championship runner-up will receive $10 million and the runner-up will take home $8 million. Even teams that bounce back on day one will receive $1 million.

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