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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, March 22, 2022 / — It seems like every few years a new social media platform pops up out of nowhere, creating a buzz before disappearing into thin air somewhere In the universe. The reason for the early departure cannot be calculated or attributed to any particular element; however, most have one characteristic, they failed to capture their audience. In a society accustomed to instant gratification and convenience, the app must deliver beneficial dividends in how it makes the user feel, react and benefit. Kandiid app founder Antoine McLaughlin may have struck gold with his growing social media platform on both Google Play and iOS. Since the initial release to the public in October 2021, the total number of unique downloads has exceeded 25,000+ and still counting. Kandiid is the ultimate social platform that turns everyday users into creators by providing resources and one-click accessibility.

Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates in a “judgment-free zone”, which means comments are disabled to encourage genuine expression. Kandiid also does not prohibit or restrict user creativity. The goal for Antoine is simple, “Kandiid is a people-driven content vehicle with an empowering intent”. Kandiid has the first feature of its kind, “Klub”, accessible from the home screen – opening up a galaxy full of possibilities. User can monetize from digital art as well as link crypto and NFT products. It’s totally up to the user. We are talking about an entrepreneur’s wonderland! Simply create a profile, post your art, access a value, and post it for the world to see. Kandiid does not call subscribers or fans of the user, but the platform is based on CONNECTIONS!! Antoine supports the premise, “Your network is your net worth”, and believes that everyone has the ability to shape the narrative as the creator of every piece of content created.

With the creation of NFT (Non Fungible Token) in 2014, popularity took off with cryptocurrencies and subsequently the metaverse. Antoine has seen a pivot over the past two years on new technology largely due to the Covid19 pandemic. In early 2020, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy individuals flocked to NFTs as a method of enhancing content (digital art). As visionaries, the Kandiid team foresaw change and were determined to position Kandiid as the go-to marketplace for social media. Antoine’s intuition was a hit! In just two years, the landscape of how cryptocurrencies and NFTs are traded and sold can only be compared to the wild west. Kandiid’s unique interface offers users the opportunity for the average Joe to become an investor, hobbyist, or perhaps scale a business through an art collection. The future of Kandiid is only in the process of maturation in which Antoine explains: “From NFT, will reject the metaverse, subsequently creating a blockchain of unlimited social interaction with versatile, scalable and digital environments.

Today, Kandiid is poised to revolutionize free speech among social media platforms. Antoine partnered with PubGenius, a Seattle-based team to develop Kandiid. While pushing Kandiid to the gold standard; Antoine knew that recruiting talent was imperative for the overall infrastructure, which ultimately led to a new expertise regime for the platform. Over the past year, Kandiid has seen more than its fair share of changes, as a new app version is released every month to coincide with changing market and user trends. “It’s about giving creators control over their domain,” explains Antoine. To add even more validity to Kandiid, several key entertainment influencers; D-Teck, Sho-time, Keith “Youngin” George, DjeFeezy & Stackpack, to name a few, have joined Kandiid as advisors and heads of infrastructure to complete Kandiid’s vision. , the management team consists of a few heavyweights in entertainment and sports, including record executives Benny Pough and Lew Tucker.Also joining Kandiid as investors, NFL players Justin Bethel, Terrence Fede and Kyle Phillips appreciate the inner workings of creating an app.Hip-hop legend Soulja Boy was the first celebrity to join Kandiid as a shareholder because of his belief in Antoine and his vision. Soulja Boy’s involvement has been a huge boost!!In October 2021, Soulja Boy announced Kandiid nationwide on syndicated radio show – The Breakfast Club, which led to nearly 15,000 new users in one day, making K andiid one of the top 71 apps.

Investor’s corner
Kandiid App, a pioneer in the creative economy community, has announced its global stance as it enters the next funding round, now open to select investors. The ability to socialize, monetize, and access the metaverse will be a game changer in the future. “With Kandiid, the functioning of social networking sites will be considered the model and the reference for platforms,” explains CEO Antoine McLaughlin. Currently, Kandiid is in a Series Seed round open to new investors of all ranges. However, the shift will focus on a Series A once the starting round matures with reserve guidelines. The social media market is expected to represent $72 billion in revenue, with platforms such as Kandiid leading the way in social monetization. In the past year, the value of social commerce sales exceeded $958 billion, allocated primarily to social marketing start-ups. The market size of the creator economy is estimated to be $104 billion in 2022, a 34% increase from 2021. With over 50 million content creators globally, only a select few are able to live off their content. In fact, 2.3 million creators earn no income. Kandiid recognizes Kreators as entrepreneurs and promotes financial stability for Kreators through education and support. Asked about the game ending for Kandiid, Antoine smiled and commented; “Growing up, I was told never to get into an unfamiliar vehicle; now I jump in and out of Ubers, and now UBER is a billion dollar company”. “The power to add value to your content is what we’ve been taught not to do, while corporations profit from billions. Now is the time to put the power back in the hands of users! Welcome to Kandiid!”

Interested investors should consult professional advisers.

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About Kandiid
Kandiid is a social media platform designed and created as one of the pioneers in the social market. Kandiid has the first of its kind, “The Klub” feature that allows users to monetize created content. Antoine stands behind the phrase “Your network is your Networth”, and believes that everyone is a Kreator. Antoine built Kandiid on the premise of empowering everyday people to hold heartfelt memories by creating scrapbooks and rating the value of their content. Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates on a “judgment-free zone”, which means comments are disabled to encourage genuine expression. The goal for Antione is simple, “Kandiid is a people-driven content vehicle”. The power of creativity must be in the hands of the user; therefore, Kandiid will never monitor or censor user content unless it crosses hate lines. Antoine Mclaughlin has the vision and passion for excellence, and Kandiid is an example of his hard work and dedication personified to push the culture forward.

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