How Damage CTRL Celebrated Their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship


Two weeks ago, fans were treated to the final of the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament in RAW’s main event, but the match was not without controversy. While Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky of Bayley’s new “Damage CTRL” faction dominated most of the match, it only takes three seconds to earn a WWE victory and that’s exactly what Aliyah did… somehow.

In the heat of the moment, Aliyah thought Kai was the legal contender. However, the legal contender was actually Sky, who were still recovering from Raquel Rodriguez’s powerful attack on the outside. Aliyah snuck up behind Kai and rolled her up for a surprising upset victory. As an emotional Aliyah and Rodriguez celebrated their newly won titles, a desperate Kai begged the referee to review the footage.

“It wasn’t legit though!” Kai yelled at the referee. But it was too late, as the new champions were already partying in the ring.

After the match, Damage CTRL and the fans took to social media to debate whether or not a rematch was in order. Some in the WWE Universe felt the referee’s decision should be final while others felt CTRL owed a rematch since the legal contender was technically unpinned.

Well Bayley had to present a compelling case to WWE officials because last night on RAW CTRL got their rematch for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

The game went at a fast pace and it looked like Aliyah had improved by leaps and bounds in the past two weeks alone. It was Aliyah’s best in-ring outing to date and things finally seem to be looking up for her in WWE. Despite the improvement, it wasn’t enough to stop Kai and Sky from getting their hands on the gold. Kai, this time the legal contender, hit Aliyah with her patent Backbreaker finisher for the win. The new champions celebrated in the ring with Bayley, who would later that night plead for a RAW Women’s Championship opportunity after defeating Bianca Belair at Showdown at the castle.

After CTRL’s breakout party on RAW, the WWE Universe could tell the three women couldn’t wait to celebrate.

Backstage, an ecstatic Damage CTRL celebrated his title win and shared with the WWE Universe that it’s time to party, as the trio departed to partake in their festivities.

Imagine how much bigger the party will be if Bayley wins the RAW Women’s Championship from Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules? All we know is that we wish we had been invited and could have partied all night with Damage CTRL!

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