How can WWE save their Women’s Tag Team Championship?



World wrestling entertainment storylines often feature its superstars in battles against behind-the-scenes authorities. Yet the tension between talent and “the office” became very real on May 16. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks were scheduled to compete in a six-man match, the main event of the night, to determine the contender for Bianca Belair. Monday night raw women’s championship. However, Banks and Naomi left the room after challenging the creative plans. Although the record has still not been officially set on the pair’s issues, WWE didn’t hide the output for the rest of The vintages broadcast and issued a strongly worded statement about their actions.

While everyone from Road Dogg to Raw Color commentator Jimmy Smith has given his take on the situation, with little confirmed. However, if it’s true that Banks and Naomi challenged their booking in the Six Pack challenge match and beyond, it can hardly come as a surprise. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Belt is a championship that has been experiencing reservation issues for some time.

Tendency to impermanence

from WWE the women’s division has seen pairs of popular and massively talented tag teams in recent years. First-time champions Banks and Bayley dominated 2020 in their second reigns, and rivals Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were also a dominant force during from WWE ThunderDome days. However, the division has recently evolved into impermanence. The single performers are summarily teamed up, then separated just as abruptly.

After a race like Raw Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley was paired on a tag team with Nikki ASHASH. Nikki ASHASH’s superhero gadget was popular and resonated with young fans. The two won the tag team championship in the fall of 2021, but their team split in a heel turn out of left field for ASH in early 2022.

Natalya and Tamina’s Tag Team Championship reign in 2021 was also well received. Fans were thrilled with Tamina’s growth as a wrestler, the chemistry between her and Natalya, and all of the WWE/WWF history brought to life by their respective family histories in pro wrestling. However, after losing the championship, their team was unceremoniously disbanded recruiting Natalya and Tamina to different brands.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team champ has a narrow roster to begin with. When a team emerges and claims the highest title, their reign usually ends in a contrived scenario of tension within the team that leads to a heel turn and a brief feud. from WWE his own statement suggests that Banks and Naomi didn’t feel like their teamwork and status as champions was properly respected. Maybe they didn’t want their team to fall prey to such a mundane pattern.

Should new titles be created?

The May 20 episode of Friday Night SmackDown will see the culmination of RK-Bro’s feud with the Usos, with a win-win match that will unify the Raw and Smack down tag titles. However, what the equivalent title for the women’s division may need is the opposite. Whether Raw and Smack down both had their own respective Women’s Tag Team Championships, this would widen the field of competitors. The Usos crossed WWE brand lines to feud with the likes of New Day and RK-Bro. Similar feuds between brands in the women’s division would also be possible with two separate titles. It would also lead to the creation of teams that audiences could invest in both shows, rather than the current short-lived couples placed together for a short time. While dividing a title consumed into two titles hosted on different brands would seem at first glance to create a chasm between The vintages and SmackDown’s female performers per tag team, this would actually create a bigger division with more possibilities for matches and long-term storylines. Splitting the title in half can actually give more integrity to women’s tag team wrestling in WWE.


Only time will tell what led to the departure of Sasha Banks and Naomi, or what the consequences will be. This could have bigger implications for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, a relatively young title whose recent reigns have been marked by impermanence.

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