Garioch bowlers miss Scottish Team Championship final victory



Garioch beat Ardrossan 5-3 in the Scottish Team Championships semi-final but lost to West Lothian 2-6 in the final at Abbeyview (Dunfermline) on Sunday.

Garioch Bowlers suffered a narrow defeat in the semi-finals

West Lothian beat Midlothian 6-2 in the other semi-final.

All three teams, including Ardrossan and Midlothian, in opposition, were in the Premier leagues against Garioch in the North District League.

As correspondent Mike Barron explains: “The final was a great fight, as the Garioch Singles won 21-18, the Peers lost 15-16, the Triples lost 8-17 and the Fours lost. were well beaten 6-20 for a final score of 50-71.

“The singles match was close with neither player leading by more than a few strokes.

“Jason Banks was down 2-5 in the third end, at 25 it was 19-18, and he took two shots in the next end to win the match 21-18.

“A great victory and 2 points.

“The Pairs had Angela Banks with her husband Colin, and they were up 11-9 in the 10th end, but failed to score in the next four ends to be 11-16.

“The final end saw Garioch’s pair battle it out with exceptional bowling from both, and they simply failed to earn a draw by scoring four shots, to finish 15-16 so no points.

“The Triples were Ian Jaffrey, Carla Banks and James McDougall, and they didn’t miss a point this time around.

“The match was very evenly balanced in the opening ends with it 8-8 in the seventh end, but McDougall failed to score in the next seven ends, finishing 8-17 for no points.

“The Fours, Sheila Reidford, Joan Western, Gary MacDonald and Sandy McDonald, gave hope they had overcome a disastrous semifinal with a 4-4 record in the sixth end.

“Then the inconsistency happened again and they lost nine straight innings, scoring just two more strokes to finish 6-20.”

Overall the score was 6-2 – aggregate scores Garioch shots 50 – West Lothian 71.

Chairman Derek MacKay of Garioch said: “The Club’s players can be proud of their outstanding performance, beating three teams before the semi-final and their play in both games of the final.

“A great way to end a season.”

The semi-final was exciting until the end.

It was the last bowl, the last game, that decided the finalist, and James McDougall took that shot to make it 10-10, and the decisive point.

Garioch beat Ardrossan 5-3 on points

Jason Banks, Garioch’s Under-25 World Champion, shot well from the start and led 12-4 in the ninth and won 21-11.

Garioch’s pairs had a 12-4 lead in the ninth, but then lost 2,2,1 shots, then recovered to score 2,2,2 shots in the 11,12 and 13th ends, before getting back on their feet to win 19-12.

The Fours got off to a disastrous start, never recovered and were beaten 8-27, winning only three ends.

To reach the semi-finals, Garioch won all three away matches.

The scalps were Dundee 6-2 (at Stonehaven), Stonehaven 6-2 (at Buchan) and Perth 5-3 (at Arbroath)

The only other season on record where Club reached the semi-final of the Tag Team Championship (known as the Top Ten at the time) was in 1994, when Garioch lost to Coatbridge by two strokes, with a score of 4. -4 dots.

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