Gaana Features Big FM’s “Dhun Workout” Playlist on App



On World Health Day, Big FM radio network in partnership with WATConsult, an Isobar company and dentsu India’s hybrid digital agency, launched an exclusive #DhunWorkout playlist on the app music streaming service, Gaana.

Unlocking the hidden potential of Bollywood, the songs featured in the playlist aim to improve overall lung health through effective breathing techniques. According to the network, the exercises under this initiative are not only the regular inhale and exhale techniques that are common in the health and fitness space, but also have an element of fun and relaxation. ‘excitement.

The Dhun Workout playlist is a permanent feature on the platform. This means that audiences have access to these lung workouts anytime and anywhere, all they have to do is sing along and feel their lungs working better over time.

In addition to being featured on Gaana, Dhun Workout tracks will also be aired on air and promoted on social media.

Additionally, this initiative will be supported by various celebrities and JRs, simultaneously making it the new normal practice for lung health.

Sunil Kumaran, Director of Brand and Digital at Big FM, said, “We are proud to present a workout that is unique, entertaining and at the same time important to our listeners. As pioneers in launching targeted campaigns, ‘Dhun Workouts’ is our serious attempt to reach our listeners and make them aware of the importance of having healthy lungs and we are extremely happy to partner with Gaana, who recognized us and connected with us in our endeavors.

Shashwat Goswami, Head of Marketing at Gaana, said, “At Gaana, we seize every opportunity to create innovative music experiences for our audience. Dhun Workouts are a unique way to approach training through song and music, and we’re sure our audience would love to incorporate this playlist into their fitness journey.”

It should be noted that Dhun Workout was launched in November 2021. It was broadcast for 15 days and then relaunched on radio and digital in February 2022.

The campaign has so far reached 34 million impressions across content, 4 million organic reach and 500 reels, according to the network.

Heeru Dingra, CEO of Isobar India Group, said, “Exercise right now is non-negotiable, so might as well make it fun. With Dhun Workout, we have harnessed this idea and helped people improve their lung health simply by singing. This initiative was well received by the public and so we took it a step further with the Dhun Workouts playlist on Gaana. The listener can now independently perform these exercises at their convenience anytime and anywhere.

Sahil Shah, Managing Partner, WATConsult, added, “Who would have thought that Bollywood songs could be a catalyst for effective lung exercise. For me, the idea wins on all counts because an action like singing that comes so naturally to an individual has proven to be something that improves their health. And yes, when you think of Bollywood songs, Gaana is an obvious choice with the kind of library they have. I’m so thrilled that we’ve partnered with them and Big FM to take this campaign to the next level of reach and impact it deserves.

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