Fulton Amateur Radio Club Holds Annual Picnic – Oswego County Today

Members of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club line up to fill their plates on Sunday August 21, 2022. Al Gerisch, KD2DPB; Mike Regan, KD2DVC; Alice Wickoff; Glenn Hartman, W2TPE; Dick Hopman KC2HSI; Wayne Rose; Julia Hopman; Bob LaMay, W2AFF. Photo provided by Judy Lamay.

FULTON – On August 26, 1957, 16 people met at Tom Adams’ home on Forest Avenue in Fulton to formulate a constitution for a new radio club. Temporary officers were elected to serve until an annual meeting is held in October. And there the Fulton Amateur Radio Club was born.

Since then, the club has served the people of Oswego County with emergency communications, distribution of medical supplies, and attendance at various community events as well as licensing and general electronics courses.

Recently, at the annual picnic, members and family gathered to enjoy some catch-up time and general camaraderie. There was even one of the original members present to offer a “I remember in 61”.

“We are delighted to have the 65th anniversary of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club matched with our annual picnic on such a beautiful day here at Breitbeck Park in Oswego,” club president Dave Granoff told the K3AS amateur radio call. “Twenty-five people of all ages are present to sympathize with the celebration. A buffet was hosted by Secretary Judy LaMay, K2SUM, and the group enjoyed delicious fresh chicken, salt potatoes and fresh corn from the Kick-N-Chicken BBQ in Palermo. I look forward to the years to come for all of the Amateur Radio Operators and Emergency Communications Responders who make up the body of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club.

Amateur radio is a great hobby that encompasses many disciplines associated with electronic signaling. Creating new uses for chips, wires, software, and just about anything else can be very rewarding.

The club continues its celebration next month with a worldwide radio contact session to raise awareness of the club and its history.

For more information about the club and amateur radio, visit:
fultonamateurradioclub.organd follow us on facebook.com/fultonamateurradioclub.

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