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Sometimes you don’t want to take an active role in finding your news, curating your music, or even tracking sports. The internet can be handy, but if you want to find anything that interests you, you really have to search for it. Instead of searching, you can listen to what excites you with TuneIn Audio Streaming: Premium Plan. This massive radio network brings music, news, sports and more directly to you, and for a limited time, it’s only $39.99.

Managing your playlists, keeping track of your games, and even tracking the news you trust takes time and energy. TuneIn gives you easy access to thousands of channels for music, news, sports, podcasts, and more, and all you have to do is listen. With over 120,000 radio stations there is something that will capture your attention.

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And once you find what you love, it’s so easy to listen and get more. Listen to news from your favorite sources like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, as well as local channels. Get sports game notifications and analysis straight to you, or tune into a podcast that goes into even more detail.

TuneIn is a fantastic retro radio upgrade that retains the feel while improving the quality. You can still listen to local channels, but you also have thousands of others. You can still place it on your kitchen counter and catch the news while baking a cake, but the sound quality is fantastic. As one Google Play Store reviewer put it: “The sound quality is good. He uses [little] bandwidth, which might explain why it rarely buffers in the middle of a stream. It offers a wide variety of music g[e]nres, talk radio, comedy channels, etc. And when it comes to music, you’ll get plenty of everything.

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Tune into AM/FM stations around the world and expand your musical horizons, or find a station that plays exactly what you’re used to. It can even connect to your phone, tablet, Apple Watch, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Bose, Roli, Carplay and your Tesla. Finally, make your car radio something you can’t resist.

Listen to the music, sports, news or podcasts of your choice. Get TuneIn Audio Streaming: Premium Plan on sale for $39.99 (Reg. $119).

Prices subject to change.

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