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In just a few days, one of the largest organized events known to most Seventh-day Adventists around the world will take place in St. Louis, Missouri, USA – the 61st General Conference (GC) session. However, hosting thousands of people in one place while ensuring everyone has the information they need to enjoy the experience is no small feat. Therefore, to provide in-person and remote delegates and participants with an accessible, streamlined, and paperless experience, Daniel Bogdanov, Webmaster for the General Conference Department of Communications, managed the development of a digital application at the use by all – the GC Application Saint-Louis Session 2022.

Bogdanov created the app with the goal of providing a simple and user-friendly experience for everyone who will attend the session. It will be an interactive and helpful way to stay organized and on time for each on-site program. While hard copies of particular session elements are provided to delegates, the app contains all session content, allowing attendees to find what they need right at their fingertips. Bogdanov shares, “This app will be the primary tool for delegates and attendees to find all the gear they need while in St. Louis.”

Bogdanov summarized the app’s content into three sections: “company”, “participants” and “information”. Each unit includes the following information:


  • Delegates attending business meetings can access agendas, schedules, brochures and essential documents for the day.
  • Attendees can view live streams of the program in real time in six languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and American Sign Language.
  • Individuals can allow app notifications to receive live event updates and news directly to their phone.


  • Enjoy daily spiritual inspiration, including musical concerts, playlists and devotional videos. Additionally, information regarding the on-site prayer room facilitating prayer during the session week is included.
  • Both remote and in-person attendees can access the virtual exhibit experience, including booths, breakout rooms, and webinars.
  • Maps of St. Louis, transportation options, and a list of local hotels are also available in the app.
  • Stay up to date with the latest news through the Seventh-day Adventist World Church’s official news sources: ANN and Adventist Review.
  • Access and interact with several social media accounts involved in this year’s GC session.


  • Find important safety and emergency information such as accessibility, first aid stations in the convention center, and local hospitals nearby.
  • Attendees can find details regarding session meals, including meal times and menu items.
  • A telephone directory with essential contact details is available if necessary.

“The app is for everyone. Even if you’re not joining us in St. Louis, feel free to download the app,” adds Bogdanov. “The app is not just a tool for finding the schedule or watching devotions. The app will make you feel like you’re there.”

The GC Session app is available for download on Apple and Android devices. To download the GC Session 2022 St. Louis app for Apple devices, go to For Android users, go to

For more information on the GC Session app, visit


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