FIDE R5 Women’s World Team Championship: Azerbaijan and FIDE Americas advance to the knockout stages



Azerbaijan and FIDE Americas advanced to the knockout stage of the Women’s World Team Championship in their respective pools in contrasting fashion after an eventful fifth and final round of the round robin stage of the tournament. Russia and Georgia dominated the pools as expected, with India and Armenia in Pool A and Ukraine and Kazakhstan in Pool B joining the rest of the qualifying teams. Although the last round was marked by a failure of the DGT transmission of live matches, the episode added to the suspense of the event.

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Round 5

Pool A

Russia and India won identical 3-1 victories over Armenia and France to dominate the pool with 10 and 7 match points respectively. The only surprise came when the Russian seed survived a scare in the final round against Armenia after dominating the tournament for the first two days.

Top Russian GM Tips Aleksandra Goryachkina and General Manager Alexandra Kosteniuk were content with a draw despite ranking above their opponents by more than 200 Elo points. Although GM Kateryna Lagno won comfortably, the fourth board game posed some problems for Russia:

In another display of nerves, Indian MI Tania Sachdev escaped with a draw when her opponent repeated the moves and settled for one repeat despite a winning position:

The Fourth Indian Council WGM Mary Ann Gomes achieved a consistent victory over a knight ending:

Indian WGM Mary Ann Gomes at the Women's World Team Championship
Indian Mary Ann Gomes played a delicious knight’s end. Photo: Niki Riga / FIDE.

The all-important game between Azerbaijan and Spain, where each team could qualify with a victory, ended in a decisive 3.5-0.5 win for the Azerbaijanis, but the final score does not reveal the story behind the matches.

IM David Martinez, coach of the Spanish team at the Women's Chess Olympiad
MI David Martinez, the coach of the Spanish team, has had a tough day at the office. Photo: Niki Riga / FIDE.

On the second chessboard, Spanish MI Sabrina Vega Gutierrez blundered by securing a comfortable and advantageous position:

On the third board, FM Maria Eizaguerri Floris made a mistake by defending against a not so decisive attack:

And finally, the fourth Spanish board IM Marta Garcia Martin was also wrong in a slightly better position:

IM Marta Garcia of Spain at the Women's World Team Championship
IM Marta Garcia from Spain. Photo: Niki Riga / FIDE.

Pool B

Comparatively, Pool B didn’t bring much drama in terms of match results, but qualifying for fourth place was ultimately decided by game points, as FIDE Americas and Germany were tied at 3. match points each. This was after Georgia beat FIDE Americas 3-1, Kazakhstan beat Poland 3-0 and Ukraine beat Germany 3.5-0.5. FIDE Americas qualified for the round of 16 with half a point more than Germany.

The broadcast of the matches was then marred by a DGT transmission failure, especially for the Pool B matches, but the spectators were finally delighted to see two queens sacrificed from the round:

GM Zhansaya Abdumalik of Kazakhstan at the Women's World Team Championship
IM Zhansaya Abdumalik, sacrificing the queen for three coins. Photo: Niki Riga / FIDE.

Although the sacrifice of the other queen was not part of a “clean” game, it was still nice to witness, indeed:


Ranking of the 2021 FIDE Women's World Team Championship, 5th round

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