Eye Foundation launches free visual health detection app



As part of measures to increase access to eye care, the Center for Eye Health and Innovation at the Eleta Eye Institute is set to launch a free eye health detection app.

In an interview with Radio Nigeria, the chairman of the Eleta Eye Foundation, a non-governmental organization, Dr. Oluwagboyega Ajayi explained that the initiative was in collaboration with colleagues from the United States of America.

Dr Ajayi noted that with less than five hundred eye doctors to look after the eye health of over two hundred million Nigerians, the app will be of great help as it will perform a test and send the results to everyone. registered ophthalmologist for further consultation and care. .

Speaking on this year’s World Sight Day theme, “Love your eyes”, the expert said: “Love is a powerful word and to love someone is to have feelings for them. that person, cherish, adore and make them happy all the time. .

“Caring for a loved one is also about spending time with that person, having time and knowing what makes them happy and what they like or dislike. The same goes for loving the eyes.”

Dr. Ajayi identified things people should avoid if they love their eyes, including smoking cigarettes or cigars, using certain drugs, certain herbs, and excessive use of chloroquine. Foods to avoid include improperly processed garri.

“People have asked me if garri can cause blindness and I said ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ because normally treated garri will not cause blindness but garri that is not treated well can because it contains cyanide a toxic substance that affects the eyes and other organs of the body,” he said.

Fatty foods should also be avoided according to the expert, while people with existing health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and other diseases are at higher risk of eye problems.

This is why people should get their eyes checked once a year if they are under forty and twice if they are over forty, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits which are good for the eyes .

Dr. Ajayi maintained that of the five senses which are sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing, the sense of sight remains the most powerful and should be cherished.

Anthony Akanji.

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