Exercise “Black Swan 18” to test the interoperability between the US government and amateur radios over 60 meters




“Black Swan 18” is a communications exercise aimed at testing the extent to which responders, emergency management agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) activate, operate and accomplish communications missions, especially in terms of volume, precision and speed of the radio. circulation. The scenario for Black Swan 18 from October 4-10 will be a series of winter storms and associated events. The ARRL field organization teams were asked to adapt this activity as the basis of their annual simulated emergency test (SET). Operational periods of participating organizations should not exceed 48 hours.

“In the event of a high-impact disaster, the response will need to include many organizations bringing their unique expertise and resources in a coordinated fashion,” explains Black Swan 18’s announcement. “Black Swan 18 will test this ability to operate across geography and among complementary organizations. Cooperating forces include the Ohio Military Reserve (2nd Battalion), the Ohio and Iowa ARRL Sections, and the MARS Air Force.

For this exercise, communication between US government radio stations and amateur radio stations is permitted on the five 5 MHz channels where the amateur service has secondary status. Exercise communications must give way to real-world emergency communications. Interoperability will remain in effect for the duration of the exercise.

The exercise will take place in three stages:

1. The “Build-Up” takes place October 4-5, when organizations involved in preparing for large events or responding to localized emergencies may wish to participate.

2. “Intense action” is scheduled for October 6-7, when most organizations will establish operating stations and manage radio traffic in support of disaster preparedness, response and recovery. ’emergency. Organizations that cannot participate during the “Loud Action” period can run their own exercises in any 48 hour window during the scenario.

3. The “recovery” takes place October 8-10, when organizations preparing for and engaging in recovery operations may wish to participate.

Localized severe weather events and effects may cause activation in the week before or in the week after the scheduled period.

The Ohio Military Reserve will provide exercise controllers at the SHARES NNO5HA, NNO5HD, and NNO5HG stations. This activation has been approved by the FEMA Spectrum Manager.

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