EA2IF Guru, SOTA Legend, SK



The SOTA leadership team and the global SOTA community were saddened to learn of the passing of the very popular Spanish SOTA activator. José-Antonio Gurutzarri Jauregi – ‘Guru’.

Guru was a prolific activator in his home association EA2 – Spain North, but additionally a much loved character and friend to many members of the SOTA community. Many enjoyed long distance friendships with Guru via email and WhatsApp, in addition to the on-air, in which he kept everyone updated on his long and courageous battle with cancer, as well as encouragement and advice in matter of mountain and CW use.

Guru was also an invaluable ally to SOTA’s management team. He has worked frequently with the UK-based SOTA MT providing liaison and translation services with Spanish Associations (EAs) and assisting in the formation of new associations in Spanish-speaking countries in South America and Spain. Central America. Guru has also translated and redistributed news and advertisements to the radio press in the Spanish-speaking world. He was instrumental in the worldwide expansion of the SOTA program.

SOTA MT would like to thank Guru’s good friend Ignacio for agreeing to continue Guru’s great work. Photo shows Guru and Ignacio during a SOTA activation to celebrate Guru’s 57th birthdayand birthday. It was on EA2/NV-057, and took place just two months before Guru passed away.

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