Doohan wins in Sochi to win Tag Team Championship for Trident



Jack doohan won the final FIA Formula 3 race of the year to win the team championship for Trident – end the long rule by PREMA in this particular championship. As usual there was a dramatic and exciting battle until the end, the Aussie came out on top of an intense battle with his teammate Clement Novalak, who would finish third behind Frederik Vesti.

Already titled, Hauger came out by Olivier Rasmussen and had to stop for repairs, but the Norwegian came back and still managed to win the fastest lap of the race with him.

Desperate to keep PREMA’s race in the championship Olli caldwell and Arthur Leclerc struggled for tenths and sevenths but that would not be enough to win a third consecutive title for the Italian team.

In the finals, Vesti found a way to get past Novalak whose tires had taken a hit after his long battle with teammate Doohan. Logan sergeant – finishing a solid weekend would finish fourth after starting in eleventh place in turn Charouz running system best ranking in the series and Jak crawford had his best long distance result with a top five.

Race recap

Doohan and Novalak stayed one and two before the first corner of the last race of the season. With Hauger stuck in ninth place, and Leclerc and Caldwell both off the points, things looked good for Trident who had provisionally jumped PREMA into the team title race.

Vesti briefly lost a few places at the start for Juan Manuel Correa – who finished the championship with a bang and Lorenzo Colombo falling back to sixth place, but catching them both when the Campos rider made a mistake resulting in the Italian falling in order.

This sparked an epic six-way fight between Correa in the sixth and Alex Smolyar in the 12th. Hauger was among them and tried to fight his way through the traffic, but was hit by Rasmussen and spun off to the dismay of those in PREMA who were still hoping for a team title.

The HWA RACELAB came back to 15th place, but was then fined ten seconds for causing the collision between himself and the championship winner, as Hauger headed to the pits for repairs and came back to the rear of the peloton. Meanwhile, Sargeant was already making excellent progress to fifth place, ahead of Crawford, Leclerc, Correa, Ayumu Iwasa and Alex smolyar.

There was a nervous atmosphere on the wall of the Trident Pit as Doohan and Novalak began to fight for the former. Novalak attempted a brave move at the first corner, alongside his teammate, but the Frenchman locked up and missed the turn, entertaining for the fans watching but no doubt those on the pit wall who were watching through their hands.

Vesti made his way past Johnathan hoggard for the last place on the podium and watched intently as the top two continued to clash, as the team’s orders came from the pit wall to avoid a collision.

Despite this, in the adrenaline-charged atmosphere of an emotional race car, the two drivers continued to fight and change positions, but Doohan still stayed in the lead despite giving in. several times the position to his French teammate before regaining it.

All the while, Vesti was in first position to take the win if something went wrong and with the worn Novalak tires the Dane could smell the blood and eventually found a way to overtake at turn thirteen taking second place in the process.

Logan sergeant and Crawford clinched Hoggard’s fourth and fifth in the final laps. The Jenzer Motorsport The pilot was followed by Leclerc, Martins and Iwasa. Caldwell completed an excellent recovery run to grab the final point scorer position.

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