Does AEW have a good roster for a Mixed Tag Team Championship?



With the number of talented men and women AEW currently has on its roster, the promotion should consider creating a mixed tag team championship title.

The men’s and women’s divisions are stacked, and adding a mixed tag team championship would be a smart move, giving the roster an extra title to strive for.

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AEW has shown its willingness to introduce new championships several times over the past couple of years, with the TNT and TBS titles being created long after the promotion’s initial titles launched.


There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the Women’s Tag Team Titles and Six-Man Tag Team Titles potentially being introduced at some point in AEW, and while both would make great additions to promotion gold, a title by mixed team would do the same. makes sense considering how many different couples and cross-gender alliances they have on the roster right now.

There is already a tremendous amount of cross-gender partnerships

One of the most important, and often overlooked, criteria for a successful championship is having a deep division of contenders chasing gold, and AEW would certainly have that if they created a mixed tag team title. The promotion already has so many different cross-gender partnerships on the roster that the field of suitors would be stacked from day one.

Whether it’s new hooker couple Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti, Kris Statlander and any other Best Friends member, Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian, Anna Jay and John Silver, or even Paige VanZant and one or the other half of the Men of the Year, AEW has so many different mixed teams they could push from the offset. There is already potential for a lot of interesting matchups and storylines within the division if the promotion were to throw one that it seems pretty foolish not to.

Who wouldn’t want to see Adam Cole and Britt Baker, two of the biggest stars AEW has to offer, crack down on a mixed tag team division and use their real-life relationship. The prospect is too good to be missed. Fans have already gotten a brief glimpse of the two as an on-screen couple after a brief stint together several months ago, and if the teaser was anything, they’d be an amazing tandem.

It gives the big roster something else to fight for

While AEW has one of the most impressive rosters in pro wrestling history, it also has an incredibly deep one. One that some people would call too deep, and with only so many titles currently on promotion up for grabs, there’s plenty of talent currently spinning their wheels.

A mixed tag team championship would open up opportunities for some stars who otherwise wouldn’t come close to challenging for a gold medal. It would create something else for the roster and also help find TV time for some of the lesser-featured stars. It would be a great way to reintroduce Sabian and Ford to television after long absences for both.

As AEW’s roster continues to grow and the number of contenders forced to sit on the sidelines increases, a mixed tag team championship would help both men’s and women’s rosters create new stars, as well as elevate existing ones. already exist.

One thing AEW should be striving for right now is to be different. WWE has been in the business for so long that Tony Khan’s main priority should be to create an alternative and different promotion that offers fans something unique, and for the most part, that’s exactly what he’s done. .

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Adding a mixed tag team title would really set AEW apart from the majority of major US wrestling promotions as there are no other companies in America that have such a division. Sure, AAA in Mexico has similar titles, but no one else in America does, and most fans won’t be familiar with such a championship.

Both WWE and Impact have run mixed tag team tournaments for the past few years and have shown that when done right, a cross-gender tag team split holds great promise and can be done effectively. However, they have only scratched the surface of the potential, and with the number of different cross-gender alliances they already have to offer, AEW should really consider seizing the opportunity and going all out and introducing mixed team championships.

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