Country day of the amateur radio club of the Azalée coast



The local HAMS participated in the North American exercise

WILMINGTON – Members of the Wilmington-based Azalea Coast Amateur Radio Club participated in the world’s largest and longest-running volunteer emergency communications exercise on June 27-28. Due to COViD-19 restrictions, a small group gathered in Ogden Park to go on air, complemented by thousands of other North Carolina ham radio operators operating from their homes in the 82nd annual exercise by Field Day.

The goal of Field Day is to operate for 24 hours straight under simulated emergency conditions. Normally there are around 60 Field Day public places in Tar Heel State, mostly in parks. This year, many stayed home to air. Field Day is an opportunity for officials and the general public to see the versatility of amateur radio in adverse conditions. North Carolina’s 20,000 federally licensed operators donate millions of dollars in uptime by volunteering their private equipment in an emergency.

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Meeting of the amateur radio club of the Azalée coast

The Azalea Coast Amateur Radio Club will be holding a virtual meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21. Members will be given instructions to attend the meeting. All other interested persons can contact a member to obtain the necessary information to join us. This month’s topic will be portable radios.

American Legion Post 68 meeting canceled

Given the continued need for COVID-19-related social distancing and restrictions on indoor gatherings, the July 16 in-person members meeting of the John E. Jacobs American Legion Post 68, Leland is canceled. However, a virtual meeting in July is under consideration. The Post 68 executive committee will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and communicate our decision regarding a virtual meeting in July and the meeting scheduled for August 20 in a timely manner.

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