Cora Jade Trashes NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship [Video]


Cora Jade has made it clear that she has no use for her NXT Women’s Championship belt.

Last week, Cora Jade shocked the world when it was revealed that she attacked her best friend and tag team partner Roxanne Perez just a week after the two became the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions together. Earlier in the night, Perez was shown lying in the parking lot after a vicious attack, and while Jade tried to cast suspicion on Toxic Attraction ahead of Perez’s title match with Mandy Rose, she was revealed to be the a real attacker because she believed that Roxanne had been “selfish”.

In the latest episode of NXT 2.0, Cora Jade stepped into the ring to explain her actions. She started out saying she was slated as NXT’s next star until Roxanne Perez entered the promotion, causing everyone to forget about her and focus on her friend instead.

Additionally, she was mad at Roxanne for challenging Mandy Rose just a week after the two became NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Jade said she wanted to make these titles NXT’s biggest prize, but Perez showed no respect when she wanted to become NXT Women’s Champion and draw all the attention to herself.

Because Perez showed she didn’t care about their belts, Cora Jade said the title no longer meant anything to her, and she threw his belt in a bin at ringside.

The scene recalls Madusa’s infamous return to WCW in December 1995. As Alundra Blayze, the star was the current WWF Women’s Champion when she was released from the company due to financial issues, and on WCW television, she launched her WWF title belt. in the trash.

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