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Operators of the Cherokee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service will participate in the annual nationwide ARRL simulated emergency test on Saturday.

The 70-member Cherokee ARES group will establish emergency communications to various locations in Cherokee County to the Cherokee County Emergency Operations Center and Georgia Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Atlanta, across the Status during a tabletop exercise.

The test will feature a simulated train derailment scenario in Cherokee County and subsequent evacuations requiring radio communications for staging areas and shelter openings.

Last October, Cherokee ARES contributed to Georgia ARES Group results 1,700 statewide and finished in first place in Georgia. Cherokee ARES Emergency Coordinator Jim Millsap leads this group, which provides weekly training on various emergency ham radio communication technologies.

Various forms of voice and data communications will be used by ARES members with their amateur radios and battery-powered laptops, all without the aid of cell phones or internet connections. The annual test exercise confirms the ability of amateur radio operators to provide emergency communications to the EOC, the state operations center, and across counties and state during any disaster.

Those interested can follow the test on Saturday from 9 am on a radio scanner with a frequency of 443.075mhz and 145.270mhz.

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