Celebration of the 95th World Amateur Radio Day | Local announcements



EAST GREENBUSH — With millions of Americans now isolated at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is renewed interest in amateur radio, which allows “hams” to talk to each other around the world regardless of systems traditional communications. On April 18, World Amateur Radio Day will hold special significance as hundreds of thousands of radio amateurs around the world take to the air to celebrate their hobby, as well as to highlight the ability to communicate using their own equipment without having to rely on cell phones or the Internet.

“Capital Region amateur radio operators have been very active on the airwaves during the pandemic, using their time at home to stay in touch with friends as well as fellow hams across the country and around the world. world,” said Bryan Jackson of the East Greenbush Amateur Radio Association (EGARA). “It also gave them the opportunity to practice their emergency communication skills. Amateur radio still works when traditional communication systems fail.

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