CDK Capture Asia Dream Tag Team Championship



ChocoPro #204 was a one-game show that saw Best brothers, Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akkidefend the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship against CDKthe duo of Masahiro Takanashi and Chris Brooke. It was a competitive game that saw both teams go the distance. They were tied throughout, and given that their previous title match had ended in a draw, it was essential that this match see a clear winner. At the end of that endurance – and after a double pinfall on Suruga – it was Takanashi and Brookes who emerged as the new Asia Dream Tag Team Champions.

After the match, CDK addressed Best Bros on the carpet at Ichigaya Chocolate Square. Brookes said that while the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship may not have been the greatest or brightest belt he’s ever held, it meant so much to him because of what Suruga and Akki were able to. do it. He congratulated them on the matches they played as champions, showing them respect. CDK walked away from the mat to allow time for the top brothers as they were emotional about losing their title.

CDK Captures Asia Dream Tag Team Titles

What to know after the Tag Team Championship change

With that, the top brothers end their reign of the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship at 422 days. They won the purple belts on ChocoPro #76 on New Year’s Day in December 2020, flying Kaori Yoneyama and Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Founder Emi Sakura do this. Since then, Suruga and Akki have defended the titles against various teams, including Egg tarts, Melt brain danceand TropiKawaild. Best Bros have retained the titles 10 times, although one of them was the result of a time-draw at CDK.

Meanwhile, by winning the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship, CDK won tag team gold for the first time together. This is not to discredit their work as individual stars, especially in their home promotion of DDT Pro Wrestling. Having wrestled for over a decade and a half, Takanashi’s accolades include 2 KO-D Tag Team Championships and 2 Extreme Championship reigns within DDT. He is also one-half of the oldest Asia Dream Tag Team Champions alongside Sakura, having held the purple titles for 511 days. Meanwhile, Brookes holds the distinction of being the first-ever Universal DDT Champion, let alone the former Extreme Champion.

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