‘Break the Love’ App Finds Popularity Among Dallas Tennis Players



Dallas has a somewhat misplaced reputation for offering three main activities to its 1.2 million proud residents: shopping, eating and drinking. For those who like to partake in all three at once, there are now plenty of places to do so, as almost all soulless commercial developments strictly adhere to the mixed-use trend. For those looking for a more varied, active and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, the Break the Love app was recently opened up to Dallas residents, and it could be a boon to Dallas’ active tennis community. the city.

Break the Love is a dating app that helps people interested in tennis, pickleball, and meeting new friends find each other easily. Three years after its inception, the company has expanded into the Dallas market. The app was founded and designed by CEO and developer Trisha Goyal. Besides his passion for tennis, Goyal cites the social aspects of the game as one of the primary inspirations for creating the app.

“I grew up playing tennis and started when I was 10. As a first-generation American, I assimilated into Western culture through sports. Later, when I I studied abroad, I played tennis to meet new people, whatever country I was in,” says Goyal.

A finance and management graduate from NYU, Goyal enjoyed playing club tennis throughout college. After graduating in 2015, she moved to Connecticut to work for ESPN on a special project developing the sports media company’s international website and app. It was during his time with ESPN that Goyal came up with the idea for the project.

“I wanted to go back to playing tennis when I was working at ESPN, and you either joined a country club or you found someone to play with, which was difficult. There was really nothing in between for the millennials had access to tennis because the community was entirely offline, I just wanted to create something online for people to meet and play together,” says Goyal.

Goyal was also inspired by the difficulty she and others she knew had in maintaining a healthy life balance through exercise while working rigorous hours.

“As a professional, it’s hard to find the time to train. Many of us give up because of the inconveniences. Also, fitness trends are changing because people crave that in-person interaction with each other again,” says Goyal.

Launched in the tri-state area surrounding New York in 2019, Break the Love grew from 20 or 30 members to over 100,000 users in two years. As word of the app spread, analytics revealed that 15% of Break the Love’s website traffic came from Dallas. When it was time for Goyal to expand west, the decision to open the app to the Dallas market was easy for the seasoned app developer.

“Dallas, Texas has always been a big market for tennis, and it’s growing. Many people have emailed us on the website, wishing we were in Dallas. Our goal is to be everywhere in Dallas and Fort Worth by February 2023,” Goyal says.

The program has also strived to be inclusive of all genders and to provide opportunities to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles at all skill levels. People who sign up for the app are also offered discounted courses, which are subsidized by the company’s many sponsors. Break the Love managed to attract the attention of the media and major sponsors, including sports equipment giant Wilson and even the Women’s Tennis Association.

“The WTA President and I met last year at the US Open, and she loved the idea and loved that Break the Love was founded by women in sport. When she said the final was supposed to be in Fort Worth, I knew we wanted to be a part of what was happening there,” Goyal says.

As a new year approaches, you may be looking for new friends, a new doubles partner, or a reason to get out of the house and exercise. For those who played tennis in college but can’t afford the outrageous Dallas country club memberships and have a distaste for blue blazers with gold buttons, Goyal’s offer might be the perfect fit. . The idea is to make tennis accessible, affordable and easy for people, regardless of their skill level or their reasons for enjoying the game.

“We cater to the person who is really busy, who wants to book online, show up and have a great experience,” says Goyal.

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