Bladen Amateur Radio is part of a tradition



March 21—LAKE WACCAMAW — Bladen County Amateur Radio Operators were on hand at Lake Waccamaw during the 12th annual Southern Farm Days this past weekend to demonstrate — in real time and on a local scale — to how versatile and critically important is that communities have access to communication options, even if cell phones or the internet are not available or usable.

Using a simple table set up under a small tent, the Bladen County Amateur Radio Society set up several of its own radio transceivers and antennas, and during the three-day event recorded dozens contacts with amateur radio operators on the Gulf Coast of Canada. , the UK, Eastern Europe and even Italy and Australia! While some club operators, such as Clarkton member Bob Edwards and Dublin member JT Bryan preferred voice communications, Clarkton member Jim ‘Mac’ McCallum preferred Morse code.

Visitors to their tent were delighted to see how amateur radio works, and club members were quick to point out that there is no point on earth that amateur operators cannot communicate with, including off the ground. , on occasions when amateur “amateur” radio operators may establish voice links with the International Space Station, Club members like to point out that in the event of a natural disaster or in an emergency when other forms of communication are interrupted, the radio amateurs can still operate!

Southern Farm Days exhibitors and vendors are part of an annual effort to provide financial assistance to North Carolina boys’ and girls’ homes, and exhibitors such as the Bladen County Amateur Radio Society have been honored to be part of effort to make this support a reality.

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