Bayley reacts to the destruction of the NXT Tag Team Championship


Bayley had a message for Cora Jade after she threw her NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship belt in the trash on NXT 2.0.

On the July 12 episode of NXT 2.0, Cora Jade shocked the world by turning on her partner Roxanne Perez. To further complicate the situation, Perez and Jade had only won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles the previous week.

Jade not only turned her back on her partner, but also attacked her, meaning that by the time the latest edition of the show came around, fans were waiting for an explanation.

The star came to the ring and started out saying she was set to be NXT’s next star until Roxanne Perez walked into the promotion causing everyone to forget about her and focus. on her friend instead.

Additionally, she was mad at Roxanne for challenging Mandy Rose just a week after the two became NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Jade said she wanted to make these titles NXT’s biggest prize, but Perez showed no respect when she wanted to become NXT Women’s Champion and draw all the attention to herself.

Because Perez showed she didn’t care about their belts, Cora Jade said the title no longer meant anything to her, and she threw his belt in a bin at ringside.

After watching the action, Bayley didn’t seem too impressed on social media. The former NXT Women’s Champion wrote:

“I guess I have more work to do”

Bayley has been out of action for over a year after suffering a serious knee injury, however, it was recently reported that the star is set to be in Nashville for SummerSlam on July 30.

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