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Auddia, the developer of an artificial intelligence platform for audio that is creating an ad-free, subscription-based radio streaming option, says its faidr mobile app exceeded its target goals in the second quarter and saw more than 80,000 downloads, achieving a cost per install of less than $3 and surpassed 40,000 monthly users.

The AI ​​technology of newly renamed app, removes advertisements from AM/FM radio stations, which partners can offer as a subscription option to listeners. Audidia says the process frees up about 25% of each hour. Listeners can fill the reclaimed airtime with whatever content they choose.

“The goal of our initial marketing effort for faidr was twofold. First, we wanted to demonstrate that consumers were interested in downloading an app that puts them in control of the radio listening experience, and second, we wanted to create an audience that we could tap into to see how consumers are using faidr,” CEO Michael Lawless said in a statement. “Actual usage data is invaluable for optimizing user experience, which is a prerequisite for achieving the highest possible subscription conversion metrics.”

Lawless said the company was encouraged by the second-quarter results of its marketing campaign, which “far exceeded” initial downloads, cost-per-install and MAU targets.

Auddia, which was previously known as Clip Interactive, has partnered with a handful of radio groups, including Amaturo Sonoma MediaMedia Lakes, Blue Water Broadcastingand RadioAlabamawhich offer listeners an ad-free subscription listening option.

“We’ve spent the past several months improving every aspect of our faidr go-to-market strategy, leveraging the user data we have, making data-driven decisions about new features, refining our messaging with users, measuring the impact of every change we make and seeing immediate improvements in our key usage metrics,” added VP of Marketing Theo Romeo. Going forward, Romeo said that it would focus on increasing user metrics above industry benchmarks.

Boulder-based Auddia rolled out its podcast-focused Vodacast platform in July 2021. Earlier this year, it hit an agreement with PodcastOne to bring its content into Vodacast. As part of the alliance, PodcastOne will select four podcasts during the initial phase of the partnership and create digital feed content for each new episode. Podcast hosts will also promote the Vodacast app through native mentions during episodes.

The move followed a similar move by the Bleav Podcast Network in December, which said it test six of his podcasts on the Vodacast platform.

In April, Audidia announced a new distribution and music discovery program, Discoverwhich was to be integrated into faidr before July 1st.

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