Art & Co. Finance Za Teb, the first app in Eastern Europe to fight violence against women


LONDON, January 7, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Art & Co. (“Art & Co.”), An initiative put together by InsurAid to help connect the worlds of art, finance and support groups, brings continued relief to victims of COVID-19 a year later, so that funds donated to the Za Teb charity help fight domestic violence against women in Eastern Europe via a mobile application.

Art & Co is the only auction to help with the immediate and longer term “causal effects” of the coronavirus, including domestic violence, illness, isolation and mental health. Funds raised from the online auction included more than 200 pieces, supported frontline charities and NGOs providing healthcare, food, medicine and counseling to those affected by the contagion.

One in three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence, mostly from an intimate partner, during the pandemic, according to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women. European members of the World Health Organization (WHO) have reported a 60% increase in emergency calls from abused women from their partners. The increase in violence was a consequence of long and repeated periods of confinement. Pope Francis last month condemned domestic violence against women and called such acts “almost satanic”.

“Art & Co. Is proud to have supported the first application in Eastern Europe to fight against domestic violence, ”said Bundeep Singh Rangar, CEO of the PremFina group. “Eastern European countries like Bulgaria are at the top of the scale, with nearly one in two women experiencing such violence. We continue to advocate for women’s safety and equality and encourage survivors to speak out and seek help. “

“We are truly grateful to Art & Co. For helping to raise awareness about domestic violence globally,” said Za Teb founder Ivelina Choeva. “Help was greatly appreciated in Bulgaria and helped change many lives for the better. We hope that more businesses will follow your excellent example and that we humans unite more often for good causes! “

Art & Co., The world’s largest online art auction for Covid relief, is the first initiative launched by InsurAid, whose vision is to encourage the insurance and financial services sectors, to contribute to people affected by humanitarian disasters, public health and security crises.

Art & Co. was featured in BBC World Radio, Bloomberg, The Independent, Evening Standard, Gulf Today, The Art Newspaper, The Resident, Eastern Eye, 1883 and much more.

About Art & Co.
Art & Co. is an initiative of InsurAid, a company created to encourage donations from businesses and individuals to support those affected by the coronavirus, as well as other humanitarian disasters and public health and safety crises. Since its launch, the initiative has raised funds for six frontline charities and nonprofits. Art & Co. has partnered with LuxTag, a blockchain technology to record the distribution of funds to charities.

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