Aristophanes’ Birds Available in Interactive App, Tops Apple Charts



ATHENS – The Birds, the new interactive educational app for children, which brings The Birds by Aristophanes to your mobile or tablet, has topped the Greek Apple App Store charts, just two days after its official announcement. presents The Birds of Aristophanes to young people in a new interactive and original educational format with concept, direction and narration by Diamantis Karanastasis, musical composition and sound design by Stavros Gasparatos and artistic illustration by Philippos Photiadis. The interactive educational apps are supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun.

Two Athenian friends, Pisthetaerus and Euelpides, dream of living in a place where peace, joy and tranquility will reign. They will meet the Hoopoe bird, who was once King Tereus of Thrace, until the gods of Olympus transformed him. Pisthetaerus will devise a plan to found a new city, the city of birds in the ether, in the space between the world of men and the world of gods! introduces the youngest to The Birds of Aristophanes in a new original and interactive educational format. Photo: illustration by Philippos Photiadis

Will they be able to build their own Etherland? Will they find the help they need or will they meet resistance? Will the other birds show the same enthusiasm? Will the gods have their say? Is it easy to imagine something entirely new? Is it easy, after all, to build your own utopia?

Aristophanes’ Birds is’s first educational app in the series of ancient Greek myths and dramas created by the platform under the auspices of the Greek Art Theater and the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

The goal of Birigogo is:

-Introduce children to the poets of ancient Greece.

-The familiarization of children with Greek mythology and history, through audiovisual material and simple interactions.

-Introducing children, through technology, to the issues, ethics, myths, language and values ​​that ancient poets creatively negotiate, record and manage in their work.

The Birds, the new interactive educational app for children, which brings the birds of Aristophanes to your mobile or tablet, is at the top of the Greek charts of the Apple App Store. (Photo:

-The interactive, playful and creative approach to the myths and texts that have shaped world theater and form the basis of our cultural heritage.

More information is available online:

The design and creation of the applications belong to Diamantis Karanastasis ( and who direct, write and produce the new interactive applications and also interpret the Greek narration of the texts. It is an idea whose implementation is the result of a multi-year effort.

Diamantis Karanastasis. Photo: Courtesy of Diamantis Karanastasis

Diamantis Karanastasis is an actor and director. A graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at École Polytechnique, he has worked in theatre, television and cinema since 1998. He has directed numerous theatrical productions. His voice has graced over 7,500 TV and radio commercials, as well as many selected children’s documentaries, TV shows and animated films (Madagascar franchise, Ice Age franchise, Star Wars Clone Wars, etc.). With his own DACOS post-production studio, he has produced hundreds of audiovisual productions. He also directed the award-winning feature film AIMA (production, screenplay, direction – editing – post-production).

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