Apple is about to launch a classical music streaming app



Apple is reportedly set to launch its next subscription service – a standalone classical music streaming app.

According MacRumorsApple Music Classical will be a standalone music app that will be available alongside the Apple Music app.

The report points to a Tweeter which shows backend code referencing the classic streaming service and an app that will work independently of Apple Music.

The launch will come after Apple acquired classical music service Primephonic in August 2021, with Vice President of Apple Music and Beats Oliver Schusser stating at the time that “we will deliver a dedicated classical experience that will truly be the best in the world. world. ”

Primephonic officially shut down on September 7, 2021, with subscribers receiving six months of Apple Music.

The report notes, however, that time is running out for Apple to roll out the service in 2022 as previously promised. There is no sign of Apple Music Classical in the latest iOS 16.1 beta.

While Primephonic is now offline, Apple Music Classical will compete with French classical streamer Idagio and other niche music streamers like Qobuz and Tidal which, at a higher cost, promise hi-res audio in FLAC. It remains to be seen whether Apple, which boasts Dolby Atmos support in Apple Music, will attempt to match these streamers for CD-level audio quality.

It’s also unclear how Apple Music Classical will fit into Apple’s broader service portfolio and whether it would be included in any of the tiers of the Apple One service bundle (alongside Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+).

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