Aphex Twin’s free “sample mashing” app feeds off your music library



Aphex Twin is finally ready to bring its mutation-focused music software to the world. Fork notes Aphex Twin (aka Richard James) and engineer Dave Griffiths have released Samplebrain, a free “sample-mixing” application that turns your computer’s audio files into sample blocks that you can use for projects. You can recreate a sample using tracks from your music library or create a “303 riff” from unexpected sounds.

The application is available in ready-to-use versions for Mac and Windows computers. You can also create a Linux-compatible edition. As Fork warns, you may need some technical knowledge to use the app – it’s not for beginner musicians.

Samplebrain was a long time coming, to put it mildly. James said he first dreamed up the app in 2002, when Drukqs was his last outing. He revealed that he hired an engineer to work on the software in 2014 (when he returned to music with Syro), but hasn’t said much else so far. There’s a good reason for that, apparently. James and Griffiths realized the project was getting “slightly out of control” as they added more and more parameters, and James admitted he hadn’t had much time to “explore [Samplebrain] correctly.” This is an offer to finally get the tool into the hands of the creators, albeit in a rough form.

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